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Errors With Cloud Computing That Can Be Avoided

Companies and people who are embracing the cloud computing are doing some things right and wrong as well. Here are the three most common mistakes that could be avoided.

Do Not Consider The Public Cloud Computing

You love your servers and cloud computing so you are going directly to private cloud, without even considering alternatives like public cloud. Although the private cloud is a great solution in many cases but it can be put aside to leverage solutions on demand and capacity at low cost.

Concerns About Security And Governance

Although it is necessary to consider both security and governance in a systematic way, many companies look for themes only after adopting the solution of cloud computing , whether private, public or hybrid. The problem is that you can not just put a layer of security and governance on the cloud, it must be considered from a level of architecture planning.

Lack Of Business Continuity Strategy

Although many cloud solutions offer good elasticity and standby sites, it is your responsibility to plan for continuity of service on systems in the cloud or the traditional model. In addition, you should think about what could happen if your ISP disconnects, or shuts down.

There were some major outages in 2011 and we should see more in 2012. What would happen if this interruption affects you for days or weeks rather than hours?

You need a plan to address this issue, including storing current versions of your data in backup systems that can keep the business running.

In addition to the interruption, you must consider what would you do if your cloud provider closes without notice. And what would you do if the service was blocked due to billing errors or if the provider finds that you use the cloud to violate any rules?

These are obvious questions, if you ask me. Clearly, you can avoid these errors.

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