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Why should you choose co-location over dedicated hosting?

Colocation and dedicated servers both have their own benefits and drawbacks. Which one you choose to go with will be based on your specific requirement and how conscientious you are of your budget. Below we will go over the features of each type of server and what their exact differences are and why to choose co-location over dedicated hosting.

co-location over dedicated hosting

Features of Co-location Hosting

Colocation is the process in which a server or multiple servers are located in a data center. If one prefers to choose to host with co-location, they would own the hardware used to host. This provides the user with the advantage of what kind of hardware and is software is used within the server.

Many businesses have bulk-purchasing deals with hardware companies and this is something that they can carry through with the purchase of server and networking hardware; co-location provides businesses that already have their own hardware or wish to use their own hardware with the data center space that they need so that they can host their hardware in a safe and secure environment from which their servers can be accessed from the internet. 

ESDS runs one of India’s leading data centers from Nashik, Maharashtra; with 24×7 support available from our on-site NOC team and a range of 99.95% uptime guarantees signed with many suppliers, ESDS can implement one of the most stable co-location platforms available.

The ESDS data center provides over 10,000 sq. feet of data floor space so that we can accommodate the demands of even the giant enterprises. Our co-location packages vary from rack space for a single server, or two servers up to half a rack, or even an entire rack, with the necessary network and power supplies being provided to supplement the needs of your hardware. Many giant organizations need multiple servers to power their network backbone and for some cloud hosting just isn’t the answer. Hence suggesting that co-location is the only cost-effective solution for those that can supply their own hardware.

Moreover, though some businesses may prefer to host their own hardware on-site, hosting your hardware in ESDS’ premier data center can offer you the best features that won’t be available in an office:

  • Redundant power feeds and UPS systems are in place to ensure that your servers will still have a power supply to utilize if the primary power supply fails; if these fail then diesel generators are also available to generate power.
  • The data center building has been constructed in a way that will reduce the overall internal temperature to help with the effort of keeping your hardware cool along with the building’s air conditioning system.
  • Multiple security features including biometric access to the data floor and a building-wide CCTV surveillance system ensures that only authorized individuals are permitted anywhere near your hardware; all visitors to the site are recorded and monitored. Also, whilst access to server racks is only possible with the correct keys.
  • The ESDS data center network is powered exclusively by Cisco hardware as this helps us to guarantee that the network is nevermore going to fail or be down because of hardware issues.

Features of ESDS Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server hosting has slightly varying services than co-location hosting. One of which is that you do not own the hardware that comes with the server. Dedicated servers are leased out and are housed by the data center provider. That implies you can drop the installation, maintenance, and support to the provider. Although there is a comfort factor to consider when choosing dedicated server hosting, it does come at a higher monthly cost. 

Another important factor to consider is that you need to choose a reliable data center tech support staff to run and maintain your server.

dedicated server provides a much different experience as compare to co-location hosting; you will be purchasing a physical server from ESDS and although you will never practically own the server, your dedicated server is still yours to access remotely and use as you wish. ESDS offers a range of managed dedicated servers that can be configured using a variety of different options throughout the order process so that you can develop a dedicated server, which meets your special set of requirements.

For a business of any size, a dedicated server is going to represent a vital investment; for the most part, a dedicated server is preferred because it can offer the stability and assurance that a business needs if it is going to make the most of its web presence, as selling goods and services through the internet is one way in which a company can enhance its revenue streams. ESDS can provide Windows servers and Linux servers to give businesses a choice of the platform that they develop their web applications around – some may be more open to the benefits of the open-source community, whilst others may prefer the support available with Microsoft applications.

A dedicated server configuration from ESDS will include the following features as standard:

  • Two IP addresses will enable you to host your websites on separate IPs if required, allowing you to add SSL certificates if necessary to advance the security of your website
  • Full support will be provided by the highly qualified ESDS support team that is available 24×7 waiting to answer your questions so that you have access to the assistance you may require when setting up or maintaining your dedicated server
  • As a Linux dedicated server customer you will have the option of the cPanel control panel for your server as a means of maintaining your server through a web browser as opposed to direct SSH access; a Windows dedicated server can opt for the Plesk control panel if needed.

So, how does ESDS co-location hosting compare to a dedicated server?

Large enterprises will find co-location to be a cheaper and more cost-effective option over the dedicated server hosting where vast server arrays are required because purchasing hardware in bulk often means that a discount can be received from the supplier, whilst the hardware will still have a residual value once it’s at the end of its useful life. ESDS can offer large enterprises the support that they require to get their servers set up in our Tier 3 data center. Our network is designed to cope with high demand without the performance being impacted in any way, making one of our co-location packages a sensible choice for any business.

Small businesses will be able to see more use in dedicated servers because the resources provided will be more in-line with their specifications; ESDS enables you to configure the resources of your managed dedicated server to meet your needs during the checkout process to ensure that you aren’t left with a web hosting plan that isn’t going to perform to your expectations. Full support will be provided along the way to make sure that the setup goes smoothly and that your web applications function properly.

I hope now you can choose what best suits your business. If you need more information, visit our website or email us at [email protected]

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