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Which Control Panel Would You Choose For Your Website?

Importance Of Control Panel

Which-Control-Panel-Would-You-Choose-For-Your-WebsiteIf you are a serious webmaster who is very careful about his website then you might have idea about ‘how important a control panel is for your website?’ There are many control panels available and selection of a specific control panel is a difficult decision because each of these comes with their own pros and cons.


Many webmasters will claim cPanel as the best control panel and even web hosting services providers provides a hosting package with this name as ‘cPanel web hosting‘. More than being simple and availability of extra features this control panel is very easy to learn and comfortable from both, client and admin side. Latest upgrades of providing better support for service clustering in windows it has captured more share of internet market, but still this feature has few bugs which should be removed very soon.


Plesk’s presence is very long in the market as it has few features of its unique type and not available with other control panels. Plesk provides better clustering support than any other control panel. It is possible to set up a network of multiple servers and make them to act as a single service unit. So surprisingly it becomes possible to run both Linux servers and Windows servers as a single unit. According to to recent news Parallels has taken over Plesk

Direct Admin

This control panel is becoming very popular with a cruising speed these days. Though it may not have as much features as other control panels have, but so far stability and resource usage is concerned it is far better than others. Other advantage is because of having less features the ratio of bugs is also less. This is suitable for budget hosts as it is capable of hosting multiple clients with a great stability.

Other control panels like ‘Hsphere’ are outdated already and being dominated cleanly by above three which are really making the choice difficult for webmasters.


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