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What is an IP Address and IP Locator?

Introduction of Your IP Address and Its Usage

IP-Address-IP-LocatorMost people believe that they can do anything they want when online. They assume no one will know about the identity and where they are located. This makes them think of doing something that could fool others. For example, create a nasty email about fake job offers, which is commonly known as a scam, which is distributed to the public.

No matter how anonymous they think, but there is one way to find out the location where they are is by checking the IP addresses they use.

What exactly is the IP address?

  • IP address is a numerical label that is given to both the computer and printer devices that participate in the network using IP or internet connection.
  • So, all activities performed either source or delivery address will be known, unless they have found a way to hide their IP address.

Why you need an IP locator?

  • There is an interesting example of this. Say you apply for several jobs via online and get an email reply from a company that claims to be from Europe.
  • You feel this is something that is almost impossible. By using IP locator, you can check if this email is really from Europe or elsewhere.
  • IP locator will be useful to check the IP address from where it is originated. So it can protect you in order not to be fooled by scam you receive.

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