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What Is Grid Computing ?

Grid Computing refers to the concept of flexible use of computing resources on the network, you can configure a virtual high performance computer, so that you can make the flexible allocation of resources.

In a broader sense, it is a general term for the fusion-intensive technology resources and data processors, storage systems, such as distributed network, so that resources can be used as if it were a single large computer. It is also a word that shows the vision to be able to use computer resources only when necessary, “Grid Power” etymologically means the power which is necessary to supply electricity.

The grid origin is known as “meta-computing”. Study of high-performance computing in a distributed environment, a Remote with the aim of accommodating each other expensive supercomputers, the former and the latter is a study to make effective use of idle computer via the network. The first meeting of this researchers was gathered in the United States in 1997 at Argonne National Laboratory. The term “grid” was used for the first time at this meet.

It does not only use the part of its processing power, but also of most of the computers in the world, the processing power of the computer is in a state of surplus if you look at the world through the whole. Gathered up the computer resources of such a surplus, the effective utilization of demand is the basic idea of the grid.

Ideally, it can be said that the resources platform of any manufacturer that is connected through the Internet, such as readily available cloud computing services at advanced point are reaching at one place. Connection for heterogeneous foundation for a unified system between each computer is required.

In addition, the starting point of the grid was “resource sharing in a distributed environment across the organization”, grid technologies derived from clustering to coordinate the resources that are centrally managed by a single organization in the technology development When referred to increasing indicator which has become ambiguous.

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