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Differences: Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Computing, and Virtuozzo VPS

Dedicated Hosting: The dedicated servers are physical machines, fully dedicated to high-performance hardware to accommodate high requests.

Cloud Computing Solutions: The Cloud Computing is a slice of a set of features available in dozens of servers and storage, enabling scalability, availability and performance assurance environment. Although the VPS and Virtuozzo are comparable, there is a direct comparison between them and Cloud Computing, the main difference being that customer resources are not tied to a single physical machine. The technology used by ESDS allows resources to flow between different physical machines in a transparent manner, so that a physical machine with defect does not result in the unavailability of client resources.

VPS Hosting: The VPS (Virtual Private Server) is the fractionation resources of a physical server, this fractionation is being allocated to a single customer. In this mode there is usually no warranty of processing, and if the hardware fails, the server that the client dependent on, will fail too.

Virtuozzo: The Virtuozzo Containers is an OS, in terms of the VPS, however there is not a single load on the OS image in server memory. The software only instantiates several different sessions of a single OS, consuming less memory of host.

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