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Tour of The Data Center – Monitoring System

Automated control and data center management is a complex engineering, combining many technological and low-power subsystems into a single system, to further the optimal management and comprehensive monitoring of the technical state of the data center facility. The monitoring system is a vital component of any data center uptime.

Externally data center monitoring system is presented with a graphical display image of data center, its interface is very easy to work: you can always see information about what happens on the court fast enough, it is not overloaded with unnecessary features and options. Based on the testimony of one can conclude the work of all life support systems of data center.

Example, you can track the performance of air-conditioning system: press on the remote control icon of conditioner, which is included (the display is visible inscription: K6 (AC 6) included). The display shows the temperature of the air entering the air conditioning, the temperature of the cooled air outlet, filter status, fan, and two compressors – working and disabled. By off the air conditioner (K3 – off.) Can say the same thing, only temperature sensor works.

Then, we can in the same way check the temperature in the data center. At certain points of the hall hang temperature sensors, they are placed on a wire over the hot and cold aisles. With the monitoring device can be deduced statistics set time period within which to track the temperature change, etc. You can also configure and maximum temperature (in this case 30 degrees) in the hall. If you exceed the specified value triggers a warning system that sends alarm messages to the email addresses of technical services, as well as SMS-message to advance to the system prescribed DPC staff phones. The humidity level can be viewed in the same way (in our example, the temperature in the hot aisle 25 ? C, humidity – 39.3%).

Similarly connected to the monitoring of the UPS – uninterruptible power supply: we click on the icon “UPS-1” on the main screen of the system – the display shows the value of the load phases Percentage voltage phases, the battery voltage, charge, itd . UPS running in parallel, so all the information in the normal mode, in this case, will be identical.

Icon “Pm” – is the main switchboard of the data center. Here we can see diagram data center. See the status of their work: the state “DSU” – is fully prepared (glows green). Both power input glow green, so we can conclude that they are working properly. If, for example, there is a trip of one of the inputs, the input status icon turns red triggered ABP. If the power is automatically turned on both inputs powered by DGS, which at the time of the accident and shall supply all equipment and systems data center.

Now look testimony diesel: condition – off mode – auto, no additional data is now no other indicators that are activated only after the DSU. You can view the battery voltage, oil pressure, coolant temperature, etc. To avoid problems with the launch of AIS in the winter, you must have winter fuel and maintenance plus temperature inside the container.

Positive temperature in the container will easily start the engine even in the most severe frosts.

The monitoring system is deployed in the data center of any volumes. Increasing the size of the data center entails an increase of control points for monitoring, which complicates the perception of information and technical staff requires more fine-tuning notifications about events in the data center.

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