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Five Trends To Modernize The Data Center

The cloud, mobility and other technologies have radically changed the way we work in many companies. Increasingly, which require a good data center to meet the computing demands.

Cloud computing, flash storage, software defined networks (SDN), virtualization and new tools for data center management are some of the trends that will be helpful for data center managers. Here are the five major trends that will modernize the data center:

Cloud Solutions improves access to data

Cloud computing is by far the most capable technology to transform data centers, offering a way to access the data through any Internet-connected device.

More and more cloud services are offered by companies and many have begun to incorporate the use of public or private clouds in their business model, but still not enough. According to a survey, to date, less than a quarter of companies use private cloud, and even fewer have adopted public cloud services.

On the other hand as companies find that the cloud is a way to save costs, since in some cases, cloud services are cheaper than investing in infrastructure, software and maintenance.

The flash storage improves data center performance

The advent of flash storage will improve data centers, providing faster access to data and saving energy.

This trend is mainly relevant for applications of high performance computing mostly used in the industry of financial and core banking services. Having the ability to make a transaction in milliseconds can be worth millions of dollars in the financial sector.

To date, the cost of flash storage arrays remain high, so a hybrid scenario, mixing some applications that use flash and others that use traditional drives and disks may be more plausible today.

It is expected that by 2018 flash storage will become cheaper than high-end disks. In addition, it is one of the predictions for the data storage industry more promising for 2013.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) to improve routing data

It is expected that the SDN reach tackles data centers and improve their performance by making more efficient routing and providing a greater return on investment, not only for data center operators, but also for customers.

With SDN, IT administrators can use a centralized control console without having to manually configure the hardware. The administrator can change any rule of network switches when necessary, giving priority or removing, or even blocking specific types of packets with a very detailed level of control.

Furthermore, SDN also help to secure the system against attacks and ensures data encryption.

Virtualization to increase data center efficiency

Server virtualization is a key technology that has given way to network virtualization, which can increase data center efficiency by creating smaller subsets of networks within a network infrastructure. Thus, multiple virtual networks can coexist on one physical network.

Beyond networking, virtualization in general continues to have a major impact on the data center and among business users.

Tools for data center management

Management tools for data centers are becoming more advanced, and offer a better monitoring and provisioning physical hardware (As like eMagic, Data Center Management Software developed by our R&D Team).

In addition, eMagic allow equipment diagnosis, sense when something is wrong and send an electronic notification to the provider to take action.

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