Core Banking

Build a Complete Core Banking
Solution under One Roof

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Create a Digital Footprint for your Bank

Merge best breed banking services with comprehensive infrastructure inclusive of advanced technology, Uptime Certified Tier III security and custom-configurations to complement your core banking architecture.

BFSI Segments We Cater To

  1. Corporate Banks
  2. PSU & Nationalized Banks
  3. Scheduled Co-Operative Banks
  4. Urban Co-Operative Banks
  5. State Co-Operative Apex Banks
  6. Payment Banks
  1. Small Finance Banks
  2. Non-Banking Finance Corporations
  3. Micro Finance Institutions
  4. Credit Co-Operative Societies
  5. Securities & Insurance Sector
  6. Regional Rural Banks and Gramin Banks
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Our End-to-End Solutions for Core Banking

Get strong network connectivity between client sites, remote client branches and ESDS Datacenter. Host in a secure infrastructure that accommodates all or a mix of services. Build a Complete Solution for all your Core Banking needs in India.

  1. Hosted Core Banking Infrastructure (DC + DR)
  2. DR On Turnkey, Hosting, Colocation, BCP Planning & Near DR, & FAR DR, DRaaS Services, DRaaS Backup
  3. Data Center Services (Turnkey, Hosting, Colocation with FMS)
  4. IMPS, UPI, BBPS Payment Platform With Financial Inclusion Services
  5. Website Development, Hosting & Email Hosting
  6. DMS - Document Management System
  7. CTS Application And Hosting Of CTS Infrastructure
  8. Cloud Hosting Services (Private, Public, Hybrid)
  9. e-Magic – Data Center Management & Monitoring Software
  1. Colocation Services (DC & DR)
  2. Connectivity (MPLS/ ILN/ VPN/ IP Sec )
  3. DC Build (IT/ NON IT)
  4. Agency Banking Application On One Time & Hosted Model
  5. eKYC Solution On Hosted Model
  6. Mobile Banking
  7. QR Code Merchant Payment On One Time & Hosted Model
  8. TAB Banking
  9. IOT Platform Solution
  10. Block Chain Technology Solution

Why Choose Core Banking Solution?



With transactions being processed in bulk volumes everyday, your business priority is to be able to scale up without breaking in between



Banking has numerous changeable modules for which you need the flexibility to configure the right mix of IT resources at the right time



To keep up with the fast paced competition, your banking technology must be able to quickly adapt to number of changes and transformations


Cost Controls

To meet the challenge of extending best quality banking services while maintaining a low cost structure, you require core banking

There's A Core Banking Plus Feature for Every Bank.


ATM Switch Advantage

  1. Highly cost-effective solution for banks not opting for EFT switches.
  2. Low cost ATM solution for rural branches of national banks and for Regional Rural Banks
  3. Remote monitoring of all the terminals connected in the cluster is possible
  4. Freedom to acquire ATMs of different makes for expansion
  5. Connect different terminals like ATMs, Kiosks and POS in same cluster
  6. Extensive transaction journals and audit logs

Card Management System

  1. Instant Card Issuance and activation
  2. PIN generation and PIN Entry
  3. Printing, Embossing, Encoding done with a multi color printer
  4. Issue of Card can be done at Branch level
  5. Tremendous reduction in logistic related expenses by avoiding the need of mailing Card and PIN
  6. Increased customer satisfaction
  7. Easy handling of loss-of-cards and credit enhancements

Automated Cheque Deposit Solution

  1. Acceptance of deposit of single / multiple cheques
  2. Capture of the image and digital signing on the captured image
  3. Capture of the drawee account details and amount
  4. Better customer service by giving an acknowledgement for deposit of cheque.
  5. Enables banks to reduce the time for manual collection of cheques.
  6. Facilitates better and quicker reconciliation of cheques

Financial Inclusion Services

  1. Customer Creation On demand
  2. Cash Deposits and Funds Transfer
  3. Addition of new accounts to the existing cards
  4. Loan Repayment and Disbursement
  5. Statement of Account
  6. Cash Withdrawals
  7. Balance enquiries

Branchless Banking & Financial Businesses

You gain a branchless banking experience with the help of our multiple network delivery channels, capable of reaching to the banking as well as non-banking population.

Financial Institutions and Microfinance Organizations can promise easy banking to remote users using devices like laptops, smart phones, kiosks, etc., through our Financial Inclusion Service Model.

ESDS gives you Core Banking Plus, i.e. all the plusses of Core Banking on a single independent platform. With our enterprise-class infrastructure of Tier III Grade and forward-looking technology combined with Exuberant Support and Management, you are no longer required to approach third party for any core banking component.


Life-Support Micro ATM

ATM Emergency

Wireless Panic Switch for ATM Emergency

Securing your bank against the ever-increasing number of ATM attacks and frauds is high priority. Banking leaders do understand the need of the hour, for which they're striving to design a secure ATM system to protect banks against contingencies.

A Life-support ATM Solution is programmed to release security alerts in occurrences of fire, vibration, motion of the door; this solution empowers banks to take action instantly.

The Micro ATM system is powered with a life-support wireless panic switch, for emergency use by the ATM Security Guard and is also integrated with biometric system to record the attendance of the ATM Guard.


How to Use the Wireless Micro ATM

  1. Beneficiary simply registers thumb in the Micro ATM device
  2. The device generates receipt containing account information, which is verified by the business correspondent for issuing money

Agency Banking Application

ESDS’ Agency Banking Application helps financial service providers reach unbanked and under-banked areas and get high volume and low value transactions flowing. The multichannel app enables agents to perform financial transactions on behalf of customers, such as deposits, withdrawals, bill payments, top-ups, transfers, remittances and even apply for financial products such as loans and insurance.

The solution is beneficial for both rural and urban metro consumers. It provides a complete Business Correspondent Management Module for bank's business correspondents or agents on the field who can use AG TabBank to assist customers in opening accounts, collecting EMIs and paying insurance premiums among other things. All the processing of the requirements is done in real time!

It allows FSPs to increase cross-sales, shift low value, high volume transactions to agents and reduce load on branches, tap large inbound and outbound remittance markets, expand to under-served markets, scale up to different market segments, serve unbanked and rural areas with low population density and lower fixed cost in conducting transactions.

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ekyc solution

eKYC Solution

ESDS’ electronic Know Your Customer (AG eKYC) is a real-time solution that conducts instant electronic KYC and helps financial institutes and business houses take advantage of the AADHAR based KYC services provided by UIDAI. It also assists organisations to go through the prescribed Authentication User Agency (AUA) and KYC User Agency (KUA) registration processes.

Once deployed, the solution enables individual customers to authorize service providers like banks, stock brokers, insurance providers and others to receive electronic copy of address proof and their proof of identity. As this is a real-time solution and can be enabled on hand-held devices too, business houses can provide instant on-boarding services to customers at the customer’s premises itself.

With an AADHAR registry-based authentication module and instant identity biometric & data verification ESDS eKYC Software stack is also Highly Configurable, Compliance & Audit Ready, Highly Scalable, Paperless & Instantaneous and Cost-effective. It also enables Financial Inclusion, Workflow Capability and Fraud Detection besides having Secure In-house Servers.

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Mobile Banking, UPI & BBPS

Mobile Banking, UPI & BBPS

ESDS offers complete mobile banking solution for banks including account related, location based and card related services among other things that enhances the overall banking experience of a customer. The robust solution with a number of interfaces like Mobile Banking, Tablet Banking & Social Media Banking is integrated with the core banking system of the bank.

Some of the important features include Balance Inquiry, Mini Statement, Cheque Status Inquiry, Interest Rates Inquiry, Funds Transfer, 3rd Party Transfer, IMPS, Stop Cheque Request, Cheque Book Request and Deposits Request among others.

ESDS banking solution will also accommodate Unified Payment Interface (UPI) that will allow users to transfer funds and make payments across multiple banks even without being customers. Similarly, Bharat Bill Payment Service (BBPS) will also be facilitated which will expedite recurrent payments such as utility bills through a single outlet.

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QR Code Merchant Payment

QR Code Merchant Payment

ESDS’ Quick Response (QR) Code-based payment system revolutionizes payments and the use of self-service machines, offering a new and extraordinary customer experience. It gives customers the ability to transfer and receive money from their mobile banking app in a very secure manner. This industry-leading feature allows banks, credit societies and similar entities

to better service and protect their customers by leveraging cross-channel interaction. The QR code application is available on Android and uses a smartphone to pay, transfer and receive money through the simple scanning of a QR Code. Using a simple initiation process of downloading the QR application and a one-time secure input of mobile number and bank details, it enables transactions in seconds.

The benefits of this payment method are enormous for both consumers and merchants. For the former the best advantages include easy transfer, real time credit of funds and reconciliation, no POS machine required, maintenance free, fraud-proof transactions and freedom from the hassle of handling cash among others things.

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TAB Banking for various BFSI segment clients

TAB Banking For Various BFSI Segment Clients

ESDS TabBank Solution empowers field agents to initiate customer on-boarding apart from enabling dynamic lead management while they are on the move. Besides, these agents can also perform account servicing activities from the field itself once empowered with tabs.

The Tab Banking Solution also decrease the cycle time and bring greater transparency to the collections process. Key features like multiple applications on single tab, seamless configuration with external card reader and biometric reader, centralized control of tablets and other hand-held terminals, support with multiple card types, card-less transactions and authentication mechanisms and data security makes the ESDS TabBank solution a perfect fit for futuristic banking needs.

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Blockchain Technology Solution

Blockchain Technology Solution

Allowing two parties to execute a transaction without any intermediary, ESDS’ Blockchain solution aids financial institutions to execute and verify transactions discreetly without any human intervention. The Blockchain architecture can considerably bring down the expenses and diminish inefficiencies in the financial sector.

Involving an anonymous electronic ledger connected to the bank server, the solution records various transactions and also protects the identities of the users. With the help of cryptography, the tamper-proof permissioned ledger is shared between parties on computer servers.

This technology can be used for money transfers, record keeping and other back-end functions. Its main advantage is reduction in costs and reduction inefficiencies in the financial sector.

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IoT-enabled Banking Services

IoT-enabled Banking Services

All the different devices that costumers use for banking services like transactions or enquiries can be connected via ESDS IoT platform where data is aggregated to be transformed into actionable insights. Using this Big Data banks and financial institutions can offer different services or rewards to customers and add value to their banking experience thus attracting more business.

For instance, banks can analyse their footfalls vis-a-vis walk-in customers on-boarded and accordingly improvise their offerings and services. Similarly, use of ATM kiosks in different areas can be analysed with sensors and accordingly ATM installation can be increased or decreased depending on the usage. Similarly, in agriculture sector, banks can analyze the farm crop output and accordingly provide flexibility in financial terms making their relationship with farmers stronger. IoT can also be used to predict fraud in card transactions by verifying account holders mobile or device location with that of the transaction location.

And this is just the top of the IoT iceberg, ESDS IoT-enabled Banking Services can transform your bank’s future by integrating information received from IoT devices.

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Hosted Core Banking - You Get Low Cost Core Banking with ESDS

Smaller banking enterprises find a low cost solution with ESDS' Hosted Core banking or SaaS. Avoid high infrastructure investment that comes with Core Banking, while you move to a SaaS or a hosted model which is highly economical. Build SaaS on a centralized datacenter infrastructure, where the core banking app is available for use by banks, credit societies and microfinance institutions.

Avoid High Cost, Not Technology or Infrastructure

You pay only rent and lay off the large upfront costs of tedious hardware setups, while you're put on redundant technology and best in class infrastructure.

SaaS for Smart Core Banking

With mere investment in user desktops and branch LANs, SMBs experience Smart Core Banking with detailed benefit structure.

  1. Tier III Datacenter with Updated technology and equipment
  2. Instant Core Banking Deployment
  3. High- Security and High-Confidentiality Banking
  4. Expert Core Banking Framework & Proven Application
  5. Reduction in Manpower requirement
  6. Disaster Site Availability
  7. No third party consultation

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Along with confidentiality, your bank needs continuity. Regardless of size, your bank must meet the client demands so that you remain true to "Anywhere Anytime" banking promise.

Generate 100% uptime with our Cloud-hosted Disaster Recovery or DRaS Model for Core Banking.

Your bank gets easy recovery by moving to eNlight Cloud within no time, in case a disaster strikes. You get Core Banking Plus* with continuous High Performing Applications through auto-switch to DR site and Real time data and application replication.

Stay empowered with our Disaster Recovery Solution which saves up to 90% of your DR costs.

  1. Auto scalability of servers at the DR site as per demand of resources.
  2. Auto switch to DR site at the time of disaster.
  3. Zero Infrastructure setup and maintenance costs.
  4. 100% business availability, that is almost ‘zero downtime’ at the time of disaster.
  5. Extremely low investment in terms of cost and time.
  6. Save up to 90% of DR hosting cost.
  7. 24x7 monitoring and support.
  8. Real time data and information replication.
  9. Single DR site for multiple DC’s.
  10. Save up to 85% of Hardware Cost.
  11. Fully Automated, lack of manual intervention saves time.

Turnkey Solutions

Banks, credit societies and financial organizations can make the best out of Tier III infrastructure, technical expertise and comprehensive solution package to build a turnkey datacenter or a disaster recovery site to fully build-deploy-manage-monitor their banking data and apps.

Your bank is different that the other one in the financial market, and so is your turnkey requirement. Collaborate with turnkey project experts to carry out in-depth study of your banking business and true-match a turnkey solution with your need.

Plug-in Ready Datacenters

  1. End-to-End Solution Deployment and Management – Gives You independence from infrastructure and technology assembly.
  2. Suite of Services – Access Raised Floor, Service Contracts, Security Systems, Air Conditioning, Utp & F.O. Cabling, General Construction etc.
  1. LEED Compliant and Metered Power – Sets you free from paying extra costs, through usage and cost monitoring
  2. Wholesale Space – Allows you to move faster with DC Projects.
  3. 24*7 Exuberant Support - Extends expert technical help to you, whenever you'd need it.


Get Co-location for greater control over your server. Your bank application, web and mail servers need an all-power infrastructure, with redundant storage and network so that your banking business is highly available.


Tier III ESDS provides longevity to your servers, since they are housed in N+1 environment which produces high power, storage and network redundancy. Easily accommodate 1U, 2U and 4U rack mount or blade servers. In case of custom requirements, get  Quarter, Half, or Full Rack cabinets.

The Back-Bone/ Back of Your Server

  1. 1U, 2U, 20U to 42U Server Colocation
  2. High Power density per rack
  3. Power from Online Substation, Transformers & N+1 HVAC Systems, 2N+1 Redundant UPS System
  4. High capacity power diesel generators with ATS panel
  5. Direct Expansion (DX) based Precision Air Conditioners (PAC)
  1. Smoke Detection System (VESDA) for Fire Safety
  2. Meet Me Room, Bandwidth from Multiple ISPs, Redundant Routers and Switches for enhanced connectivity
  3. Centralized Building Management System (BMS) for server health monitoring
  4. Fully managed 24*7 Exuberant Support

Easy & Hassle-free Document Management

Viewing, recording, copying, storing and maintaining heterogeneous banking documents has ever been a challenge for banking/financial institutions - be it small or large-sized. Secure document viewing and management defines "how effectively" you do banking.

Document Management System is an easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy data manager, which ensures that your banking credentials are structured and organized securely.


Automate Documentation with DMS

RBI Prescribes Banks to Introduce Document Management Solution

Dated 1st of July 2011, RBI in its Master Circular declared that banks must introduce a system for record maintenance in absolute forms i.e. hard copies as well as soft copies, both of which are highly accessible. W.r.t client's banking and personal information, a strict data maintenance system must be built, so that authorities are able to retrieve minimum 10-year old data within a short span of time


Solution to RBI's Prescriptions

Document Management System

Set of programs that convert your banking documents into electronic format –which later becomes easy to view, read, track, store and to retrieve from any branch location.

You get instant access to data, extensive storage and managed banking with DMS, at an affordable cost.

Improved Banking with Automation, Decreased Time/Cost, High Security


Automated Centralized Documentation

  1. You are able to automate right from information integration to retrieval of data and apps, eliminating the excruciating manual efforts in documentation and thereby improving productivity of the staff.
  2. Easy Search for files/documents, through electronic document preservation anywhere, anytime

Reduced Documentation Time,
Space & Cost

  1. Remove Document Storage and Document Transfer costs substantially, as you move on our automated DMS
  2. Reduce OPEX and remove sluggish processing time
  3. Save storage cost extensively – E.g. You can Store 100,000 Pages on just 2 DVDs

Safe & Secure Management of Documents

  1. Secure your documents with electronic signatures
  2. Locate, print, email documents from any banking branch
  3. Secure your files/documents in our redundant storage and network infrastructure, ensuring greater reliability with efficiency

The Satara District Central Co-operative Bank (SDCCB) experiences 100% uptime of DC & DR sites for more than 2 years with ESDS's highly customized End-to-End Turnkey Banking Solution. The solution connects more than 300 branches and extension counter... Read Full Case Study

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