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Business Continuity? The answer is Global Load Balancer

Global Load BalancerThe Global Load Balancer service is a powerful solution that allows you to improve business continuity and enhance the user experience by enabling the transparently fail-over and balance the load across multiple geographically distributed Datacenters.

The functionality: Global Load Balancing Service extend the functionality of the classical load balancing scale without using the typical DNS proxy of the classic solution. Allows you to add an additional layer of protection for the ‘High Availability’ and performance in all Mission Critial applications “turning” traffic through our Network.

Generally the solutions of load balancing that rely on DNS resolution for the geographical location are not always reliable and their behavior is unpredictable and susceptible to problems often caused by DNS cache. Using the Load Balancer service is not based on the DNS Global Load Balancer Engine Networks and customers can take full control of their uptime.

The Global Load Balancer service provides continuity of mission critical applications and supports Disaster Recovery, even in the event of unavailability, entire data center traffic is redirected from our Global Load Balancer to another data center without interruption to users.

With the Global Load Balancer service You can:

  • Ensure business continuity in case of attack, disruption of services or scheduled maintenance.
  • Same Public IP can be used on most datacenters, you do not need to change the DNS to migrate a service.
  • Place the service more close to your users, providing greater speed, content and better availability with the platform for a better use of the service.
  • Better use of data center efficiency and balancing traffic to the datacenter with greater resources are not used depending on the load of the users during the day.
  • Reduce the risk of management and moving the traffic on another datacenter before a maintenance.

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