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Specializing Exclusively In Managed Hosting Solutions

managed-hosting-solutions-esdsFor companies thinking about going down the route in one place there are many hidden costs to consider, which means that it is not as cheap as you think. In contrast, managed hosting brings many advantages and eliminates most of the headaches typically associated with hosting. Hidden costs include co-location of the initial capital costs, hardware depreciation, general services and network infrastructure that will ultimately lead to additional risks. Capital expenses During the co-location option, the company will need to purchase all the necessary equipment, the panel, which may affect the company’s budgeted capital expenditures.

ESDS Data Center eases the financial burden, which allows the company to spread the cost more evenly in affordable monthly installments. Depreciation exponential rate of technological change on the server component of the market means that once purchased the system, they quickly depreciate. Through taking responsibility for their own equipment, which will drop in price, ESDS removes this burden on customers as well. Overall service in one place environment, the company must take measures to ensure their disaster recovery solution in case of equipment failure.

For a truly sustainable solutions, the company needs at least heat replacement for each component in the configuration of the hand, as well as Level III technicians are ready to diagnose and fix the problem. Specializing exclusively in managed server hosting, ESDS has all the necessary equipment, spare parts and a few of each component level III technicians on hand 24/7/365 to ensure that our customers receive the best service.

It takes the headache and damage from our customers. Network Companies who choose collocation have to rebuild the network infrastructure, which can also be very expensive. ESDS has multiple networks through several network providers to ensure that we are not totally dependent on a single supplier, if they experience network problems. This means that our customers, the data will always reach their destination in the shortest possible time and with minimal packet loss.

In addition, ESDS has Tata / Bharti / BSNL Powered Network, with unique attributes of self-healing that allows us to fulfill our 100% guarantee and the availability of infrastructure. Risk in start-up costs associated with co-location, and binding in equipment, re-create the network, hardware depreciation and failures, as well as hiring staff to man all commits resources in one area of business.

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