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Managed Colocation FAQ’s

Do you want to know more about ESDS Managed Colocation Services ?

Kindly read the following Frequently Asked Questions :

1) Where will my servers be physically colocated?

Ans. ESDS Tier III Data center Facility based in Nashik, Maharashtra

2) What size tower server / RackMount may be colocated at your facility?

Ans. Up to 5U. We can also offer 1U, 2U, 4U, Quarter Rack, Half Rack and Full Rack.

3) Do you allow user owned firewalls?

Ans. Yes, we do allow user owned firewalls

4) Do you allow IRC servers?

Ans. No, we do not allow IRC servers.

5) Do you allow crossconnects?

Ans. Yes, we do allow crossconnects.

6) Explain Meetme Room

Ans. We have Main Distribution room where we can do cross connect using Cat5e, Cat6 and fiber cables.

7) What is your average latency and throughput?

Ans. Avg. latency to UK is 145ms and 250ms to the US

8 ) What type of rack rails do I need to install my server into one of your racks?

Ans. We have racks of 600 * 600 , 600 * 800 , 600 * 1000 mm size, rails of one of these can work.

9) Who are your Transit / Upstream / Bandwidth Providers ?

Ans. TATA Communications, Reliance Communications and Bharti Airtel.

10) Do you provide an uptime guarantee and SLA ( Service Level Agreement ) ?

Ans. Yes, 99.95% uptime SLA

11) How many IP addresses with every colocation server do I get?

Ans. We can provide 2 Dedicated IPs – Standard with colocation services.

12) What type of backup power systems do you have to guard against a power failure?

Ans. N + N UPS systems and then N + N Diesel Generator sets take care of ensuring 100% uptime for clean power distribution to the servers.

13) Will I have 24 hour access to your Nashik Data Center?

Ans. Yes, you will have 24 hour internet access to our Data Center, but personal access to our Datacenter floor is restricted to our staff only.

14) How can I monitor my bandwidth?

Ans. Through our portal – eMagic. Once you sign up, you will receive login details of eMagic portal from where you can monitor your bandwidth usage.

15) How does remote power cycling work ?

Ans. eMagic as well as KVMoIP can be used in order to power cycle your Dedicated Server(s).

16) How quickly can I install my server?

Ans. You can access server using eMagic Portal and install server, if IPMI is supported by your server, otherwise we will give you KVM/IP access.

17) Will I get DNS support?

Ans. Yes, you will get complete DNS support from our technical staff.

18) What kind of support do you offer ?

Ans. We offer 24×7 Toll-Free Phone, Live Chat and Email Support.

19) Can I colocate a desktop (mid-tower or full tower) box?

Ans. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

20) What managed services do you provide with purchase of a colocation package?

Ans. Our Colocation Servers include complete management which begins from basic server installations in the rack to monitoring of services of the server. You will also be able to manage your server with our eMagic Portal. If required, we will also assist you with security tweaks on the server. Of course that will require your permission and without your authentication, we will not be able to carry out any operations.

21) What managed services do you provide for additional fees?

Ans. Although, most services are covered under our managed services.  However, if you need custom application installation, then an additional fees can be charged for this.

22) May I visit your colocation facilities?

Ans. Yes, you may visit our colocation facilities at any point of time, but you will be given access to your servers only if you have a Full Rack colocation hosting service, access is not allowed to customers with single server colocation.

23) Will you grant me access to your facilities to administer my own servers?

Ans. Yes, we will grant you access in our facility to administer your own servers hosted in your dedicated rack. However, this will have a time limit depending upon the issue.

24) How can I get a server to you?

Ans. By the best means of Transport which will be collected at our facility and racked as per your guidelines.

25) How high is 1U?

Ans. 1.75 inches only.

26) Do you allow hosting of Email Marketing (aka SPAM) type services?

Ans. No. However we do allow Newsletter or legitimate emailing from our network.

27) What is the difference between Colocated and Leased or Dedicated Servers?

Ans. Here is the difference between Colocation or dedicated servers :

A Dedicated Server is a server provided by a web host for you to rent. You have remote access to the server and you can customize the server to your own needs. The server is owned by the web host and you don’t have physical access to the server.

Co-location means you store your own server at a facility of a co-location provider. A co-location provider provides an Internet connection to your server and allows you physical access to your own server when you need it.

28) Are your facilities carrier neutral?

Ans. Our facility is currently not carrier neutral. However, this will be done soon.

29) What type of cabling would you use for the Colocation Services ?

Ans. Cat6 Cabling as Tia942 standards ( Tier III )

30) What is the Maximum Amps usage of your Rack ?

Ans. 4KW for normal racks, we have different racks of max 6KW also.

31) Any Additional required for Colocating my Hardware ?

Ans. Other than Hardware equipments which suits our racks, no additions are required. ESDS – NOC team will take care of every aspect.

32) What about environmental control and monitoring (temperature/humidity)?

Ans. We maintain 22°C ± 2°C Temperature and 50-55% humidity.

33) What about the network connectivity of my colocation server ?

Ans. Network Connectivity depends upon your requirement. We can either provide you with unmetered 1Mbps, 2Mbps, 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps pipe or allocated bandwidth of 500GB – 3000GB per month depending on the plan you choose.

34) What is the cost for a single rack in your facility with 220v 16a of power?

Ans. We charge Rs. 60,000.00 INR per month for a 42U Rack with 16 Amps power.

35) Can your facility support 6 kw of power per rack (i.e. 208v 25a)? If so, how much would that cost?

Ans. We have some racks with 25 Amps power(6kw), these racks will cost Rs. 149,999.00 INR per month.

36) How many racks are available at your facility?

Ans. We have 25 Racks free right now. We can add 400 Racks more in our Datacenter as of now.

37) How many kilowatts of power are available?

Ans. We have 500KVA power right now and our Control panel’s as well as Infrastructure has been designed to handle 2MVA power.

38) What is the cost for 100 mbps of local / domestic internet bandwidth?

Ans. 100Mbps domestic bandwidth will cost Rs. 1,59,999.00 INR per month. Bandwidth prices will reduce in the next 6 – 8 months and we will pass on the benefit to you as and when the bandwidth prices go on reducing.

39) What is the cost for 100 mbps of international / global internet bandwidth?

Ans. 100Mbps International bandwidth will cost Rs. 4,99,999.00INR per month. Bandwidth prices will reduce in next 6 – 8 months and we will pass on the benefit to you as and when the bandwidth prices reduce.

40) What is your level of redundancy in power and cooling systems (i.e. N, N+1, 2N)?

Ans We have N + N Redundancy for power, cooling, Network equipments and cabling.

41) Can you provide metered power (i.e. charge per kilowatt hour rather than by circuit) to large clients?

Ans Yes. This is possible. We pay Rs. 60.00 INR per 5KW of power per hour and based upon the same, we make calculations for Rack / Cabinet / Cage charges and quote accordingly. Additional charges will be applicable depending on the investment in the UPS systems,  Generators, Cooling and facility rental charges.

42) Does your facility have 24×7 on-site security?

Ans Yes. We have minimum 7 armed guards all the time in our office campus. Entry to our Data center as well as the office building is restricted through many double door access control systems and all entries are monitored using IP cameras.

43) If you have remote hands, what are their working hours and guaranteed response time?

Ans We have more than 50 staff members working in every shift. Remote hands are free for all our customers as we offer fully managed hosting service to all our customers. You can request our staff to troubleshoot any level of technical problem on Linux, Windows OS, ASX or any other Virtualization software like VMWare, Virtuozzo, Citrix, OpenVZ or XEN.

44) What certifications do you have today or are working on for the future (examples: SAS 70, ISO 27001)?

Ans We have ISO 9001/27001 and ISO27001 certification for our Datacenter. We have applied for few more certifications which include Green Building certification.

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