Do you know what is a Personal Web Hosting?

There are different types of web hosting services available on Internet. Because of the varieties in website hosting packages, majority of people gets curious about the exact deviation between personal hosting and cpanel hosting.

When people search for a web hosting plan for their website, few common questions always concerns them. Following article will explain you the common concerns about Personal Hosting.

What is personal hosting?

Personal Hosting is one of the form of web hosting in which multiple websites share a single web server and bear the cost. It is very similar to the cpanel hosting packages. Every website hosted on that server has its own disk space, bandwidth and tools, so that it is not interfered by other websites.

Unlike the other managed hosting types, the web hosting provider regularly handles the web servers which includes updates and patches of softwares, security updates, and the most important tech support which is a significant for any website.

Why should you opt for a personal website hosting?

The primary reason you should go with personal hosting is due to the equality between personal hosting and cpanel web hosting. By all means, personal hosting is as affordable as cpanel hosting package. Personal Hosting is known as the most affordable and common type of web hosting.

What is basically offered in personal web hosting?

There are n number of web hosting providers that offers personal web hosting packages. Features and price varies from provider to provider. Commonly, after sign-up at start you get a minimum 200 MB amount of disk space and 2 GB of bandwidth, where you can store you website files. It amount of disk space seems to be little but for a basic website its enough. Whenever your website requirement increases you can request your web hosting provider to add more disk space to your personal hosting package anytime.

How much will it price for a personal hosting package?

As said before, price and features varies from provider to provider, however, it depends on the features and diskspace you adds to your hosting package. Finding a personal hosting provider is very easy task, you just need to be enough educated about the concept website hosting. So that you are aware of the thing you are getting into.

Who can I find the best personal hosting provider for my websites?

There is no need to search for a web hosting provider, you are on the right place. ESDS is a premier data center service provider company in India, where you will find reliable website hosting packages at affordable prices.

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