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Need Solution For Your Non-functioning Email Hosting?

Many a times it so happens that you find your email hosting account not working when you actually need it. You may be expecting an important business email where the deal needs to be closed at the earliest. The sender might receive the message of bouncing back e-mail.

Its kind of frustrating, isn’t it? What can be done to overcome this problem?

Whats the solution for your non functioning Email Hosting? Basically there might be many reasons for this malfunction. The Email hosting Services are comprised of three basic components:

  • DNS Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Domain Registry Records

You should first of all check the domain registration. There are number of free web tools that can help you with this. You can check your domain records by using WHO Is services alike, etc. This would provide you various information regarding your domain. Though if you have chosen to hide the details of your domain the you cannot view this information. In that case you should contact your domain registrar. Check if your domain hasn’t expired. In case it is, then make sure you renew it as soon as possible.

What happens is, the SMTP servers try to deliver the emails for a period of forty eight hours, so if you want the important emails to reach you, its important to renew the domain immediately. By doing so, you’ve got a fair chance that the emails would reach your Inbox before it goes to the black hole.

DNS Hosting

Considering that your domain isn’t expired, but still there is a problem with the Email Hosting. Then there might be an issue with the DNS Hosting.

The Domain Name Servers play a vital role in the email delivery. The DNS contains the MX records, which is sent to the email senders server (Mail server). You can execute a DNS query to the DNS server for checking the MX records.

There are various online tools for nslookup. If you have a windows system, you can use the “nslookup” in its command prompt, whereas if you have a Linux system use “dig” to check the name servers. If the server does not return the MX Records, the try for “SOA” on the server for your domain. In case you do not find any “SOA” records which clearly means that the server isn’t holding the dns records for your domain. Also, it may be a manual error caused by your web hosting provider. You domain name might accidentally get removed from the billing system. In such a case contact your web host asap. If this is the issue, then your problem can get resolved in no time.

Email Hosting 

If your DNS records are correct and are pointing to the correct name servers and returning MX records, you need to check with the Email Hosting. It may so happen that the server isn’t accepting emails hence all the emails are being bounced back. Then you need to contact your Email Hosting provider. Usually, they might be aware of the problem and would be working on it , if someone else who is hosted on the same server has reported it. They would firstly check if your email account exists on the server.

Some prefer to temporarily redirect emails to any of your other email accounts such as Hotmail, Google Mail etc. There are various email forwarding services that offer such services for free. You simply need to sign-up with them, add your domain and set email forwarding for all your incoming emails. Then hit a query for the DNS server of that provider for MX records of your domain and set MX records of the existing DNS hosting.

Once the Email hosting provider checks and resolves the issue, you can change the setting back to the original ones. This way you would be able to use your old email hosting service as normal.

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