ispCP Omega is an advanced dedicated hosting control panel, based on the VHCS, which ensures its further development. Before proceeding to a repetition of the material you need to have clean installed Ubuntu server 10.10.

Loading and unloading of ispcp Sorceforge

cd / usr / local / src
wget 20Omega/ispCP% 20Omega% 201.0.7/ispcp-omega-1.0.7.tar.bz2/download
tar xjvf ispcp-omega-1.0.7.tar.bz2
cd ispcp-omega-1.0.7
System Update
aptitude update & aptitude upgrade
Necessary programs for ISPCP
cd docs / Ubuntu
aptitude install $ (cat ubuntu-packages-lucid)
You will be prompted to enter a new password MySql
you must also configure the Courier , as shown below: Create a web directory – NO
type of mail configuration – Internet Site
System mail name should be entered hostname ProFTPd configuration – Standalone
Building the system with make
cd / usr/local/src/ispcp-omega-1.0.7
make-f Makefile.ubuntu install
Installing ISPCP
cp-Rv / tmp / ispcp / * /
cd / var / www / ispcp / engine / setup
perl ispcp-setup

The default settings should be adequate, you will need to enter a MySQL password.

Cleaning temporary files

rm-fR / tmp / ispcp

After installation is complete, you can enter the new control panel.

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