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Comparison Between AMD and Intel Processors

Criteria for selection of processors is not so great when you know exactly for what purpose do you need it. We look at the core frequency in the case if the site is not dynamic, and your Web-server is intended only for HTML. In order to save, many are thinking about creating a server on the Intel Atom. Searching the internet I found a lot of information over the processors. The price of Intel Atom lures many, at times may be lower than the cost of a motherboard with a processor, such as Intel Core i3-530.

Again, the conclusions are based on a set of reviews. Therefore, I immediately wanted to add a few words. The platform of Atom D510 Pine trail was significantly improved in comparison with previous versions of Intel Atom. Like its predecessor, it still consumes very little power and is very cheap – but you have to put up with low productivity and efficiency for dynamic sites, and 500 visitors per day could be a big challenge for the processor. On performance in some cases it can be compared with the performance of a single core Celeron processor 2600 – 2700 MHz, even taking into account that the Atom D510 is not a single core!

Who will say that I initially pull you to the fact that the server must be a processor made by Intel. This is not so! I’m not tied into any one specific brand manufacturer and I make their choices on the basis of their functions and the cost of my parts. I myself read reviews and compare Intel and AMD processors, and originally planned to write of AMD as a major producer of more affordable processor, but considering that the corresponding motherboard, the necessary form factor, I did not find that my choice fell on Intel processors. And once again returning to the choice of processor for Web Dedicated Server. Guided by the number of cores and the CPU clock of at least 2GHz if our Web server is used for:

Dynamic sites
Web-server (IIS / Apache …)
ASP / PHP / Python / Perl / Java Programming Languages
MySql / Postgresql Database

Core i3 will be significantly higher Atom D510 but more times in 2 … 2,5. That’s what I wanted to emphasize: you can choose inexpensive Atom systems, or take an assembly at the entry level Core i3. The latter will cost more, but as practice shows, it gives too distinct advantage to give them up. Our test system with a Core i3-530 processor was much faster and more efficient configurations Atom.

And so by comparing the processors we get that, Atom entry level system is fit for infrequent work e-mail, spreadsheets, databases of small size. The load on this processor should be minimal and short video clips of this processor is a standard format and do not come in HD in any way. Please do not be confused with systems based on Intel Atom platform NVIDIA ION. If your server fits those parameters and the system is based on the Atom D510, it is the ideal solution. For example, for a small home server for a site storing files such as video and documents.

In case you are looking for a more productive and mobile processor capable of handling video and audio streams of high definition, all types of conversion formats like audio and video transcoding, or work with files or large databases, graphics processing (image). Making the conclusion: a comparison of processors shows with a small difference in the economy, you get a much better performance with this processor as Intel Atom from the outset was designed as a processor for mobile devices such as laptop (notebook), phone, tablet, nettop, and so on.

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