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How to Enable AutoSSL for all Users from WHM Panel?

As a website owner, you want to ensure that your website is secure for your users. An SSL certificate installation on your website is one way to achieve this. In order to prevent unwanted access to the data being communicated, an SSL certificate encrypts the communication between your website and the browsers of your users.

SSL certificates are automatically installed on domains hosted on your server by the AutoSSL feature of WHM (Web Host Manager).

In this article, we will show you how to enable AutoSSL for all users from WHM Panel.

Explore the Steps to Enable AutoSSL for all the Users from WHM Panel, let’s check it out-

Step 1: Log in to WHM Panel

You must have access to WHM Panel in order to enable AutoSSL. Use your username and password to log into WHM.

WHM Panel

Step 2: Access the “Manage AutoSSL” page

Once you are logged into the WHM Panel, go to the search bar/section and type there “Manage AutoSSL.” Next, click on the “Manage AutoSSL” option that appears.

manage auto ssl

Step 3: Choose the AutoSSL Provider

Your website’s SSL certificate will be provided by the AutoSSL service provider. WHM offers two AutoSSL providers: cPanel and Let’s Encrypt. Choose your preferred provider and then click on “Save” option as shown in below screenshot.

auto ssl provider

Step 4: Enable/Run AutoSSL for all users

Go to the “Settings” tab after selecting the AutoSSL provider. Check the “Allow AutoSSL to replace invalid or expiring non-AutoSSL certificates” box under “Configuration.” This will enable AutoSSL for all users on your server.

enable auto ssl

Step 5: Set AutoSSL Preferences

By selecting “Preferences” under the “Options” menu, you can configure AutoSSL. Here, you may choose the Preferences from the Toggle AutoSSL option and proceed further as shown below.

auto ssl preference

Step 6: Run AutoSSL

You must run AutoSSL after enabling it in order to install SSL certificates on your domains. To launch AutoSSL, Click on the below button “AutoSSL Check” option. All domains hosted on your server will have SSL certificates installed as a result.

run auto ssl


Enabling AutoSSL for all users from WHM Panel is a simple and effective way to ensure that all domains hosted on your server have SSL certificates installed. You can assure that your website is secure for your visitors and enhance their trust in your brand by using AutoSSL. To make AutoSSL available to every user on your server, adhere to the instructions in this article.

Happy Learning! 😊

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