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How to add the HANA DB instance in eMagic

What is a HANA Instance?

An SAP HANA instance (HDB) is the small operational unit on a host. It is the set of SAP HANA system components that are installed on one host. A single-host system holds one instance on one host. A multiple-host system carries several instances distributed across multiple hosts (one per host).

In this article, you will see HOW to add the HANA HEQ instance in eMagic let’s get further

To add the HANA HEQ instance in eMagic, Follow the below steps as shown

Step 1: Open the command prompt, and enter the command

#netstat –tulnp

command prompt

Step 2: Next, check the HANA port

command prompt 1

Step 3: Select the port 32013 listing on HANA DB services

HANA DB services

Step 4: Add the port in the eMagic server and fill in all the details as shown below.

eMagic server

Step 5: Next, Verify all the services.

eMagic server 1

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