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Economy in Cloud Computing

According to Cloud Hosting Providers , the final savings for most of its customers will reach upto 90% (minimum 70%) compared with the costs of maintaining this infrastructure internally.

Below the summary of the monthly expenses to keep the systems running in the data center itself.

If this summary is insufficient, see below, the same presentation , how effectively we can use a server: 10 to 20% utilization on average .

A personal experience

Cloud Computing is not the “savior”. Like everything in life, the use must be made judiciously. The process goes through a rigorous selection of suppliers.

I am leading a software project in which the entire infrastructure is hosted in data center premises. One of the first option we had was, of course, Cloud Computing. It is the ideal solution because we had no idea how many users would use the Web-based solution, the volume of stored data could grow in an unplanned way, network bandwidth etc..

The summary of the opera is as follows: We “bundled” a series of servers, each with capacity and processing power, and utilized it like a “cloud”, and when we need to expand, there is no problem, just need to add another……

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