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Misconceptions Surrounding Colocation Web Hosting

There is so much talk about managed hosting services, dedicated web hosting and cloud hosting, that colocation hosting is getting a bit sidelined. Or misunderstood. Colocation hosting is one of the most efficient and affordable hosting options for small to medium businesses who cannot afford dedicated web hosting and don’t need the cloud hosting infrastructure for their hosting requirements.

Here are a few wrong concepts which have attached themselves with colocation hosting:

Colocation hosting is expensive:

Well, I am not going to say that it is ‘cheap’. But here, you need to put things in perspective. Would you rather spend a large sum of money on constructing a data center, installing the required HVAC facilities, installing all the hardware and networking features required to keep your servers running in top condition? And what about the recurring costs of server maintenance?

Once you colocate your server in a good data center, you are free to concentrate on your business growth and profits.

Colocation hosting providers are not dependable:

If you take your time to chose a colocation company, you can be sure that they are fully dependable. Quality colocation facilities are fully secure and protected round the clock by armed security personnel and there is no unauthorised access to the data center. Also your servers are kept in locked cages with no outside interference and handling.

At the same time, the data center is designed with full HVAC compliance and equipped with the latest fire fighting measures. They also have a fully trained technical team on hand to handle any outages and failures.

Colocation hosting is inaccessible:

One major concern is the distance- since your server is located at a remote facility, it might seem inconvenient. But that should be no issue- your in house tech team can manage and access the server all the time. Also, in case the server requires any hardware upgrades, replacements or repairs, your team can travel to the colocation facility as and when required.

Colocation and managed hosting are one and the same:

Though colocation hosting closely resembles managed hosting, the two are not the same. With colocation hosting, you are merely renting space in a data center to store and run your server- whereas in managed hosting services, your website and applications are stored and run from the servers owned by the data center. Colocation hosting makes available to you the other data center resources like bandwidth, power and HVAC facilities.

When you opt to colocate your servers in a data storage facility, you are fully in charge of and responsible for your server. You will have to take care of all the hardware and software upgrades for your server.

Lack of Support:

Colocation service providers are equipped with all the infrastructure – physical and network security, data recovery, power systems, and more. For your colocation hosting service, they usually offer customer service by way of emails and phone support and where IT professionals can be reached. But if your are concerned regarding technical support for your server, you can opt for managed colocation hosting.

Managed colocation is a full services hosting package including server maintenance hardware and software upgrades, disaster recovery.

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