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Dedicated Windows Server Hosting for MSSQL and ASP.NET

Dedicated ASP.NET Hosting

ESDS offers a range of Windows dedicated servers for large enterprises that require Windows hosting so that they are able to obtain the environment require to host the applications that power their IT infrastructure. With custom hardware configurations available so that our server plans can be adapted to meet your complex needs, ESDS represents an excellent choice for any business looking for a partner that can supply reliable server hosting services.

ASP.NET as a scripting framework is one of the most up-to-date options for web developers creating functional web applications. As well as supporting modern AJAX techniques natively, support for MSSQL databases is built into the core of the framework so that creating dynamic websites becomes second nature. You can also expect the following from ASP.NET:

  • The amount of code required to build very large web applications can be drastically reduced by using the ASP.NET framework as the base of these applications
  • Visual Studio is Microsoft’s desktop development application and comes with a rich WYSIWYG editor that can be used to develop ASP.NET applications visually; many of the core components can be simply placed into your scripts using the drag-n-drop functionality provided
  • ASP.NET is a server-side technology meaning that scripts are executed on the server and then the resulting HTML is what is sent to the visitor’s web browser to be rendered, providing you with a number of performance benefits and allowing you to tap into the power of your Windows dedicated server.

ASP.NET Dedicated Server Hosting

An ASP.NET dedicated server from ESDS will be hosted in our premier data center located in Nashik, India. The ESDS is a modern building providing 10,000 sq. feet of floor space dedicated to co-location and dedicated server hosting services; all hardware is protected by a number of security features to make sure that only authorized individuals have access to the data floor.

As a partner of Cisco, Dell and HP amongst other hardware providers, ESDS can offer an affordable Windows dedicated solution for a majority of potential customers. Our partnership with Microsoft should be seen as a reassurance that our support staff are trained to the highest standards possible so that they can professionally manage Windows servers and rectify any issue that may be discovered. If you wish to add an extra level of management to your ASP.NET server then we can also provide you with the Plesk or DotNetPanel control panels for a small extra monthly fee.

Dedicated Hosting – SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is an enterprise-class database server that has been by built by Microsoft from the ground up for use with its Windows operating system. Other proprietary Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET and other core Windows server applications have been designed to work seamlessly with MSSQL Server databases, enabling Windows web developers to build high performing web applications that can make the most of what the Windows operating system has to offer.

Choosing Microsoft SQL Server as the database server for your web applications and IT infrastructure can offer the following benefits:

  • Unlike desktop database systems, SQL-based database servers such as MSSQL Server are designed to cope with high demand and can be scaled across huge clusters of servers to provide a stable platform for businesses of all sizes
  • SQL Server is a commercial application provided by Microsoft meaning that there is full and thorough documentation available directly from the vendor as well as full support; furthermore, you can expect any vulnerabilities in the software to be ironed out as they are discovered
  • The support team at ESDS can provide you with the assistance necessary to secure MSSQL Server can optimize it to be more conservative with system resources so that there is no noticeable impact on the performance of your server for using the database server.

Windows dedicated servers from ESDS will be able to support your Microsoft SQL Server needs. With there being several different versions of MSSQL Server to choose from and a professional installation needed in order for the application to work properly, ESDS’ 24×7 support team have the skills necessary to provide you with a secure a high performing MSSQL Server installation. You can then proceed to integrate your MSSQL databases either with your web applications or other applications that you wish to host on your fully managed Windows server.

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