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What is Managed Dedicated Server

Due to the increasing numbers of businesses coming up on the internet, the demand of ESDS Dedicated Server Solution is on the rise. A dedicated server hosting chiefly offers either the Windows based hosting, or the more popular and inexpensive Linux based hosting packages. Both types are very popular.

Each server is allotted to only one customer, and this provides the customer excellent security, complete control over the entire disk space, gets the freedom to install the choice of operating system and other web applications, IP address, exclusive use of the bandwidth, and hosts of other such web features that are ideally suited for any business organization.

Along with this choice of server operating system, the servers also offer high-end networking with almost 99.9% of more uptime guarantee, monitoring and maintenance of the server, excellent controlled environment, 24-hours technical and customer support; firewall, anti-malware, and antivirus applications; and other high-performance hosting services.

Dedicated server hosting is provided by some of the top data centers in the country. These services are providing world-class web services at attractive and affordable prices. These services are also extremely reliable and secure so that any company using these services for their managed servers requirements are able to get high-quality hosting services that are comparable to any of the best data centers in the world.

When an organization is ready to outsource their hosting needs rather than to create an in-house data center, their best option is to either opt for the ESDS Colocation Solution, or to opt for a dedicated server. Both these options have their own extremely beneficial features, but the easiest choice of these two is the dedicated server.

A dedicated hosting offers excellent packages for all sort of businesses. These packages are well suited to the needs of businesses. For example, most of the small to medium scale businesses may not be able to create the ideal data center infrastructure and hire the experts to look after its every technical and management-related aspect. Their online businesses need world-class hosting facilities so that their globally growing businesses can survive. For these businesses, a reliable server hosting is the only solution.

There are 2 main types of dedicated server hosting available in market. These are managed and the unmanaged servers hosting.

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

The managed dedicated servers is more suitable to businesses. This type of hosting will offer 24×7 technical and administration support to the mission-critical needs of the servers and applications based on it. Along with these core services, the managed servers hosting also comes with advanced features like application installations, their timely upgrades and maintenance, monitoring, security, regular data backups, restart services, load-balancing, and almost all the important services related to dedicated server hosting.

These excellent features allow the customer to look more at the marketing and management of their actual online business, and concentrate more on providing better products and services to the world. Using this type of hosting also relieves the customer of the need to employ skilled hardware and software managers to look after the above-mentioned features as the data center provides all these services at very affordable costs.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting

The unmanaged dedicated server hosting can be useful only to a select few industries and companies, as this type of hosting requires very specific skills to manage the server, its applications, and their timely monitoring and maintenance. This hosting also offers complete control over the server and web hosting to the customer.

For example, the customer gets complete root access and administration level control over the dedicated web server. The hosting provider normally provides the services of installing the choice of OS and may also offer to set up the server with their standard configuration. Once they configure the server, it is then in exclusive control of the customer. Usually, the provider does not provide monitoring or restart services. To get these services, the customer needs to raise a support ticket and may have to pay additional service charges to the provider.

So to get these critical features, the customer must opt for the managed server hosting. This service is therefore more suitable to the local organizations because of the excellent and expert services included in the package at affordable prices.

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