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Questions and Answers for Recovery for MySQL Database

Q: Can Recovery for MySQL repair my MySQL database?

A: The effective way to know if a MySQL database is recoverable is to try the demo version of Recovery for MySQL on it.

Note: Always backup your original corrupted MySQL database before proceeding with any recovery activity!

Q: What limitations does the demo version mysql recover?

A: The demo version recovers limited number of rows in the corrupted database. The remaining rows are blank. The full version of Recovery for MySQL retrieves records from limited demo.

N rows or tables or other elements and features of the original database will be recovered by commercial version of Recovery for MySQL if absent from the production of demonstration.

Q: I tried the demo. How I can decide whether to purchase the full version of Recovery for MySQL?

A: Evaluation of the results of demo recovery can help in making the decision.

Q: Why do results of recovery contain less data than the original MySQL database?

A: This is normal. The damaged parts of the MySQL database will convert to zero size on output. The common cause of decrease in other file size is when some of the characteristics of the original database are not supported and therefore absent from the recovered database.

Demo-recovered database is smaller because it mostly consists of demo placeholders than actual data.

Q: Running Recovery for MySQL from the command line (through Windows Start -> Run menu).

A: If the license type of business or service, you can run Recovery for MySQL from the command line and use these calls in your batch files. The standard version is not compatible with the command line. The format to call the command line is:

myr.exe <original filename with path> “<path to directory to store the recovered file(s)>”
(Without parentheses).

Note that the directory for recovered file (s) must be created before starting the recovery.

The command line mode is compatible with the patterns of ‘*’ (replaces one set of symbols) and “?” (Replaces one symbol).

Q: After running the recovery of MySQL in the corrupted database, a folder with the SQL script (s) and the batch file has been created. How can these files be transfigured into a database?

A: To re-create the database, process resulting from SQL scripts schema.sql and following by dataNNNN.sql. The database will be recreated from scratch.

To make the import procedure more convenient for the end user of a batch file properly, it is automatically created and put in the same folder of SQL script (s).

Recovery of MySQL error messages

Q: Recovery for MySQL error: Internal error message program.

A: To run Recovery for MySQL in a logged mode and contact our support team with detailed description of the problem and the log file.

To create the log file, please press the Shift key while clicking the Recover on the toolbar of Recovery for MySQL or selecting the Recover: item in the main menu. You can also press CTRL + SHIFT + R after launching the recovery of MySQL.

Q: Recovery for MySQL Error: Not enough disk space.

A: To solve this problem you need to set temporary directory to the drive with free space available (2-3 times the size of the original database). Fix the Windows environment variable to use. Do the following:

Open System in Control Panel.

In the tab Advanced, click Environment Variables, then click the name of the user variable (TEMP or TMP) you want to change.

Click Modify to change the value.

  • Set path to the location where temporary data should be stored (for example E: \).
  • Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.
  • Run the software again.
  • You can also use the special environment variable called OFFICERECOVERY_TMP to set the directory where Recovery for MySQL should store its temporary files. Use the method shown above to add / edit environment variable.

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