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Do You Know The Difference Between IMAP and POP?

IMAP and POP are protocols used for configuration of email accounts as they support most mail servers and client programs like Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird.

The question appears when we ask, What differences exist between the two and what should we use?


Advantages: This system does not download the messages in your mail program but it keeps them in the mail server and it is the program who syncs to view. In this way, messages are not lost unless they are removed directly from the server. We can also configure the same account on different computers to see the same content and folders.

Disadvantages: must be connected to the Internet to display the mail and our supplier must have the enough space on the account to store email messages from us.


Advantages: This system automatically downloads the email program and therefore do not need to be online to view. As the messages are stored in program, it needs free space on the server for convenient operation of emails.

Disadvantages: in the event of an error in our computer we lose the emails stored and set up one account in a number of managers can not very viable

What protocols should I use?

We recommend that if you want to read your emails from different computers and have them available from any connection to the Internet via the browser and even from any device, IMAP is the protocol that should be used. You can check messages from Thunderbird in the office, Mail Mac webmail at home and travel, and also from a PC, Mac or Mobile smoothly.

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