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What does Server Monitoring refer to ?

Server Monitoring in simple words we can say that its a process of Monitoring the servers. Monitoring can be done into the infrastructure of the Data Centers. In today’s multi-vendor IT environment people feel the immense need of server monitoring that works extraordinarily over multiple technologies and platforms, whether it is Windows or Linux. Whether you are using a Web server for a simple intranet application that serves static content, or you are using a Web server as a front end to a clustered, multi-tier Internet infrastructure, server monitoring is necessary for every server.

Having a Web server monitoring is the ideal solution to monitor your web server’s resources. Server monitoring helps servers to work hazel free and work more efficiently. Monitoring serves as the basic parameter for the servers in order to perform well and effectively.

Server monitoring solutions are the most affordable, cost effective, efficient, reliable and accurate solution to its customers. Generally, Regular agents impose a substantial overhead on your server resources in terms of CPU and memory. Server Monitoring provides a single, comprehensive console for your server needs by using SNMP, WMI, CLI and Telnet SSH to monitor your server infrastructure regardless of device type or make.

Server Monitoring is basically a term which monitors the system, applications, network and allows almost to easily and flexibly monitor every aspect of your server. It can be used for general reporting, for sending notifications when problems arise, or for automatic maintenance and repairs – by executing scripts when errors or particular conditions arise. Simple and efficient server monitoring. Keep an eye on CPU, memory, disk and network usage, and display live server stats using the Web Reports module.

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