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Why are backups important on servers ?

Introduction to Server Backup System

We know that data in a database is important and also aware that database backups are required in case of a disaster in order to restore the database to a previous state (before the disaster). It is crucial to perform regular database backups.

Backup is getting more and more important because we do have more and more data on our computers, that is not stored anywhere else.
Hard disk can fail, virus can strike, laptop can be stolen, natural event occur… if disaster strike, your data can simply disappear.

There are many ways to create a backup, from manual (burn a DVD once in a while) to fully automated and secure (with services that remotely backup your important folder on a secure dedicated server over the Internet)

Online backups may be a useful first- or second-line defense for your files, insuring against loss of both the data on your computer and any first-line backups that you may have.

Following are the advantages of Online backups:

  • Separate location
  • Requires no input
  • Access your files from anywhere
  • Backup from anywhere
  • Incremental backups of important files
  • File encryption
  • No equipment or consumable costs
  • No reliance on fallible materials
  • No reliance on your memory or your spare time
  • There are free solutions

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