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What is Cloud Auto-Scaling in eNlight?



Auto-scalability is one of the flagship features of eNlight Cloud is designed to provide Cloud Virtual Machines with additional resources when their base specifications begin to get exhausted under the loads that they are placed under.


With eNlight the computing resources that you’ve allocated to your Cloud VMs can be automatically increased when the performance of the VM could be called into question, with CPU and RAM being two examples of resources that can be managed in this way. So that you don’t end up with any unexpected huge bills, limits can be placed on the level to which resources are automatically scaled so that you don’t go over your budget.

The best thing about auto-scaling from eNlight is that all of this is done without the need to reboot the VM so not downtime is ever incurred! The platform is one of the most intelligent around and when it detects that a VM is in need of extra power, more resources will be pulled from the central pool that all VMs in the Cloud take their power from. As auto-scaling responds automatically to demand, you will only be billed for periods of high-usage, as the specifications of your VMs will return to their pre-determined level once the load decreases.

How exactly scaling works?

Resources are scaled up and down by eNlight as a percentage of resource consumption patterns. Scaling is done steadily, but is also fast and effective at the same time, as is the scaling down. As the scaling down is performed, the resources allocated originally are moved off your VMs and allocated elsewhere, often during off-peak hours as this is when demand is going to be at its lowest. This has proven to be popular because it means that businesses using eNlight are truly only ever paying for what they are using and ensures that redundant resources aren’t costing them money.

Scaling Storage?

Although disk scaling isn’t available in eNlight Cloud, but we do offer a feature known as Elastic Storage that means you can add multiple disks to a single VM. These disks can be attached and detached on the fly and between VMs, without any data loss. This is why we believe that eNlight is one of the best options available options available for Disaster Recovery hosting.

The Main Features of Auto-Scaling

  • Computing resources are scaled up automatically and seamlessly as per demand
  • These resources are then scaled down as demand reduced to minimize costs to the customer
  • Maximum limits can be set for the scaling of CPU power, RAM and bandwidth to ensure that you remain within budget
  • Auto-scaling is individual to each VM so that it can be disabled if necessary
  • Encourages efficient use of resources without impacting on system performance
  • This is a standard feature of the eNlight Cloud so that you don’t have to pay any additional fees to access it.

Stay tuned, as we will discuss Performance Models in eNlight Cloud next week!

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