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Key Features of eNlight Cloud!


Summary: What keeps eNlight Cloud Computing on topmost? eNlight is a Cloud Service that is easy to use and easy to set-up if you understand its many facets and features.

1. Unconstrained ResourceseNlight cloud virtual server has virtually unlimited resources because of the architecture of the Cloud Environment. Whilst you can purchase a VM with the base specifications of your choice, you can also enable auto-scaling that will automatically provision additional resources to your server when the base resources are approaching exhaustion.

You can place a limit on the level to which your resources are scaled so that you have full control of your costs as well! Whilst these limits can be changed at any time, you should always consider that the Cloud will always have resources available on demand and so this can deliver a massive performance boost when needed.

2. Instant Virtual Machine Provisioning – Once you have paid for your VMs, they will be provisioned in a matter of seconds so that you can get started with them when you’re ready. If you’re migrating physical servers into the eNlight Cloud then you will be thankful for these fast provisioning times because it will reduce the turnaround time for each migration.

You will also find that you won’t have to waste time installing a majority of applications that we have a number of pre-defined virtual machine templates available for you to use! When setting up a VM, simply choose the templates that you would like to use and your VM will be configured using the OS of your Choice.


3. FlexibilityeNlight Cloud is one the best Cloud environments available in the hosting industry, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a business looking for a more stable hosting solution. You can manage your needs on a level that hasn’t been available previously, with Dynamic resources being available automatically. Whilst web developers can use their VMs for the development and testing of web applications, SMEs may see a benefit in transitioning their physical servers into the Cloud. The billing estimator will allow customers to see what their budget can buy them, whilst limiting resources to their precise requirements will allow them to save money where possible.

4. Web-based Control Panel and Console AccesseNlight VMs are managed through the web-based control panel that all customers are provided with access to. Using the web based control panel you can create ‘New’ VMs and ‘Modify’ or ‘Delete’ existing ones. You will also be able to view your previous invoices and credit your account with additional funds to finance your eNlight endeavors.

In addition to this you can also view the current resource usage of your virtual machines so that you identify if there is a need to purchase additional resources; if that need exists then these orders can also be placed through the control panel! You can also use the control panel to access your VM’s console, regardless of whether you are using Windows or Linux.

5. Cloud EnvironmenteNlight is a Cloud hosting platform that is designed to offer the ultimate in security and reliability. Centralized storage units and backups servers guarantee that your services will still be available in the event of hardware failure in any part of the Cloud cluster. Some the core features that eNlight Cloud is based around include:

a. Servers based around the latest high-end Intel Xeons CPUs.
b. High IPOS with redundant 10Gb storage arrays.
c. High quality Bandwidth.

6. Zero Downtime* – Auto-scaling in eNlight Cloud guarantees that your VMs are never going to crash because of a lack of resources. Though you think that your base resources may be more than enough to fulfill demand for the time being, you can never predict load spikes and it is these that often bring down websites. ENlight is entirely based around a cloud architecture that pretty much dispels any potential hardware or software failure.

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