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What is a Tower Server ?

Tower Server is basically a computer system which is being used as a server and built in an upright cabinet that stands alone. The cabinet which is being considered as a tower is very much similar to the tower-style personal computer in shape and size. The tower servers which are being used or made are basically in contrast with the rack servers or blade servers, which are specifically designed for rack-mounted.

The tower server is the most used servers in a data center facility. This requires fairly optimum cooling pressure because the overall component density is fairly low. Tower servers are the cost-efficient and environmentally friendly option as it has to lower the environmental impact and running costs.

One of the best parts of the tower servers is the scalability as the unlimited number of can be added to an existing network. There can be an addition to the existing network without affecting the present servers which are cost effective as well as it is more scalable and redundant technology.

Every technology which has some advantages also comes with some disadvantages like a set of tower servers is bulkier and heavier than an equivalent blade server or set of rack servers. There can be some complications as far as the physical hardware is concerned like the cabling for a large set of tower servers can be complicated. The infrastructure may need some extra efforts because there can be more noise as a group of several air-cooled tower servers in a single location can be noisy because each tower requires a dedicated fan.

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