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What are the types of Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing can be classified into three categories based on the deployment models- Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud. Determining the right Cloud Computing deployment is directly associated with the business requirements.

Public Cloud

The Public Cloud environment is usually owned by a Cloud Service Provider and remains accessible to multiple tenants connected via the Internet. In Public Cloud, the Cloud provider creates and maintains the resources that the tenant businesses require. This form of Cloud Computing is considered ideal for businesses with a fixed budget and needs a quick & easy platform for deploying the resources.

Private Cloud

In this type of Cloud Deployment, the infrastructure is owned by a single tenant. Compared to Public Cloud Hosting, Private Cloud delivers a controlled environment where accessing IT resources is more centralized. It also offers higher levels of security and flexibility to customize the storage, networking, and computing resources. However, unlike Public Cloud, it can be difficult to access data from remote locations.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud contains a mix of both, Private and Public Cloud Deployments. Hybrid Cloud offers a highly customizable Cloud solution with security levels of a Private Cloud and easy scalability of a Public Cloud.

What are the types of Cloud Computing

For businesses, ESDS offers all three forms of Cloud Computing on its in-house, Patented Vertical Auto-Scaling Cloud Platform, eNlight Cloud.

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