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Common network problems that on dedicated servers ?



While dealing with the servers it’s very obvious that at some point of time one may face some issues related to it. Although the service providers do take all the precautions that your server shouldn’t bother you at any moment of time. The very natural instinct when your dedicated server goes down is to check for software failures, hacker attacks, and even hardware issues. But one possible cause for server trouble that should not be overlooked is bad network connectivity.


Common Issues

Dedicated web servers are the most opted solution for the large business owners. Dedicated servers provide many advantages over the other hosting servers. In a way you have more secured and flexible environment with dedicated servers. In Dedicated Hosting service, it can provide you a hundred solutions for all the network problems. The businesses can rely on dedicated server technology to utilize the Internet as their secure networking backbone.

There are many ways to evaluate network latency on a dedicated server specially on Linux and Unix platforms. The service providers are always on their toe specially monitoring the network uptime, connection strength, and proper domain configuration. Basically the service providers meters the traffic passing to and from your machine at the physical ethernet port that your machine connects to. Unless otherwise arranged, even traffic passing between two servers will be counted as bandwidth used.

Some common problems which may arise is network connectivity,not able to connect from the LAN to the server, the server becomes very slow, it routs outside of the network, major bandwidth provider may be having issues with their infrastructure, making servers slow to responds and packets being lost.

There can be some useful tools which may help you out to judge the network problems :

Ping: This is the most common and basic tool. One can use this tool to find out how quickly and consistently your server can connect to other machines.

Traceout: This is one of the tool which gives you the details point-to-point connection information from your server to another machine or a host to your server.

Nslookup: This tool helps you to know that quick and easy, telling you what nameserver your domain is currently using.

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