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What Are the Main Types of Data Center?

The data center requirement isn’t fixed for any organization. There are many aspects on which it may vary, some include structure, physical limitation, rack space, to name a few.

However, data centers can be broadly classified into the following categories.

  • Onsite Data Centers

Onsite or Enterprise data centers are usually housed within a business organization’s premises. They can be easily expanded as per the business needs. Onsite data centers help increase performance since the data center, and all the equipment are present at a business organization’s physical location.

  • Colocation Data Centers

In colocation data center facilities, the floor space is rented or leased out to several enterprises for setting up their data centers. Many organizations leverage a colocation data center facility for gaining benefits to their equipment.

  • Hyperscale Data Centers

The Hyperscale data centers can house many servers in a single location. These data centers are designed to offer enhanced scalability, which can be done by either increasing the system’s existing power or adding new racks and equipment.

  • Edge Data Centers

Edge data centers work similarly to traditional data centers. However, this data center type is relatively smaller and built on the end-users edge. Edge data centers are also known for minimizing latency, increasing capacity, and enhancing connectivity.

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