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What are the benefits of Cloud Computing?

By adopting a Cloud Infrastructure, businesses can prevent numerous problems that lie with on-premise infrastructure. The following are some key benefits of Cloud Hosting over traditional storage practices-

benefits of Cloud Computing

Reduced IT Costs

Migration to Cloud Computing helps in reducing the overheads costs related to management and maintenance of IT Systems. With Cloud, there is no need to purchase expensive systems and equipment, as the users utilize their Cloud Computing Provider resources.

Scalable Solution

With Cloud Computing, businesses can quickly scale up or down their operation and storage-based needs on the go. Cloud Computing eliminates the need related to purchasing and installing manual upgrades. Cloud solutions can easily handle such fluctuation in traffic volumes.

Ensures Business Continuity

Protection of data and applications is an inevitable component of business continuity planning. Cloud Computing becomes handy in any unforeseen disasters as the data and applications are stored in a safe place. With data being accessed quickly, Cloud users get hindrance-free business continuity with near-zero downtime & no loss of productivity.

Easier Collaboration

Cloud Computing offers enhanced collaboration between the business entities, present within and outside the organization. Cloud Computing provides seamless collaboration in geographically scattered users as the changes are reflected in near-time.

Easier Backup & Data Restoration

Data can be easily stored on the Cloud without considering any constraints related to capacity. In the absence of such capacity constraints, it becomes easier for the Cloud users to backup and restores their application & data.

Prevention of Data Losses

Data losses are no less than a nightmare for any business organization. When data is stored on Cloud, it remains available, even in case of hardware failures. To access the online data on Cloud, one requires a desktop/computer device with an active Internet connection.

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