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VMM-2.1.1 – eNlight update [ Release Highlights ]

Dear All,

We are glad to announce the release of VMM-2.1.1 eNlight update which has some bug fixes and stability improvements,  better user experience and  faster VM provisioning. If you have any questions, comments or suggestion about your experience then please contact technical support right away.

We look forward to improve your experience on eNlight cloud hosting platform and wish to provide you enhancement with our continuous research and development.

VMM-2.1.1 – eNlight update [ Release Highlights ]

Major Highlights

  • Create Static(Fixed Resources) or Dynamic(Salable Resources) VM & easily switch between them [ on the fly]

create_vm-in_enlight create_vm-2-in_eNlight

  • Introducing HyperV2012 R2 for Windows based Virtual Machines.
  • Single Dashboard – Centralized Management of Multiple Cluster
  • Faster VM provisioning
  • Pay less as you consume more – Slab based billing system
  • Always Pay per consume for CPU
  • Public API, Graphical VMM manager & iPhone App to follow post this update.

Minor Highlights

  • VM Create Wizard for Linux | Windows and Dynamic | Static VM
  • Graphs will show Min, Max and run-time resources

enlight_graph-1 enlight_graph-2

  • Ability to see Network cards and MAC address of them



  • CSV export billing summary with rate slab
  • Policy Changes
  • Edit VM operation needs a reboot
  • Start, Stop, Restart are made Asynchronous for faster response

The All New iNtelligent Billing Predictor : Forecast resources usage for both the Static and Dynamic VMs.

eNlight_cost-predictor-1 eNlight_cost-predictor-2

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