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Turn-key Data Center Solutions by ESDS


What is a Turn-key data center ?

Turn-key Solutions mainly refer to end-to-end services offered to a client. With a Turn-key Data Center Solution, we assist you from basic DC infrastructure to high-end Tier II, Tier III and Tier IV Compliant Setups. Turn-key DC Solutions. Turnkey is often used to describe a home built ready for the customer to move in, similarly, the data center set up by other organizations already dealing into same field on request of a particular company, in their own state or territory.


Here some of the advantages of Turn-key DC Solution in relation to ESDS :

a) Most importantly, it saves time – You’ll probably spend a lot of time searching for vendors who can offer you a similar solution. With our solution, ESDS is a single point of contact to serve, design and develop your Data Center related ideas and bring them into production.

b) It Saves Money! – This is the most important factor while designing and developing your own Data Center. If you do not have sufficient knowledge, you’ll end up spending ten times more than the actual cost!

c) Dealt with experts to make sure we develop just the right infrastructure for your business’s productivity.

d) ESDS allows you to broaden your ideas and implement them along with realistic infrastructure setup. With operational manuals and guidelines, we ensure that nothing goes wrong while operating your own Data Center.

e) Turn-key Data Center Solutions are carefully examined, evaluated based upon your requirements and how it can be met by us!


Important Features and Pre-requisites :

a. Civil Layout and Infrastructure Setup

b. Implementation of Type-requirement or Mission-Critical Data Centers

c. Requirement of racks, Servers, Storage, Networking Components and other related Resources

d. Software Automation, Security tweaks, Network Flexibility, Redundant Architecture Setup

e) Maintenance Schedule of the Data Center

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