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Tips For Data Center Administrators Maintenance

The following list of tips for administrators of data centers suggests a number of reasons for the creation and implementation of the strategy of maintenance of the data center.

Carefully defines the objectives of the program maintenance. best way to determine the success of the strategy is to know the goals that must be achieved. There are several potential targets, including reduced unplanned downtime, increased safety, improved mean time between failure, etc.

Keep Documentation:

Of course, this can easily be overdone, but usually insufficient paperwork can create more problems than too scrupulous documentation. With access to the ready information on procedures, history and maintenance data, metric indicators and other information, you must be sure that maintenance is carried out regularly and in accordance with established protocols. And in the case of unexpected downtime, recording information to determine what may or may not cause problems.

Provide Regular Maintenance Schedule:

Though not all maintenance procedures should be carried out on a regular basis, many of them have to be repeated frequently. In these cases, verify that the procedures are actually performed. Schedule can be helpful, but only if you stick with it. Despite the seeming obviousness of this claim, be sure to perform regular maintenance procedures regularly.

Use Outsourcing:

Administrators of data centers do not have to implement the strategy service without assistance. Ask for help when you need it, and accept the offer of the team. Administrators should work closely with support services infrastructure and applications. They may have information about the load and performance, which can have a direct impact on the maintenance of the data center. And sometimes, some maintenance tasks are best performed by third parties who have expertise in certain areas, and that is not a domestic staff. For example, you grow zinc crystals on the raised floor. If you do not have the experience and equipment necessary to solve this problem, you can make the situation worse by trying to clean tile floor yourself.

Load The Funds For Maintenance Of The Data Center In The Annual Budget:

Many companies have a reduced budget for the maintenance and operation of the data center. Administrators of data centers have to explain leadership, if necessary, the importance of regular maintenance, and the need to make it as a part of the budget. Also, it should inform the administration about the benefits of service. If management is aware of the usefulness of the service, it will be more willing to allocate funds for this purpose.

Create An Inventory Of Equipment And Keep Records Up-To-Date:

You cannot perform maintenance, not knowing what equipment you have. Identify all of the equipment in data center, as well as its period of operation, producers, location, condition, etc. Inventory can be useful even for maintenance, so think about creating it and do not forget to update it. It is better to use specialized software to maintain an inventory of equipment to date.

Assigning Priorities:

In some cases, the procedure or service may be given priority over other types of work, in other cases, the service application can be postponed.

Appoint Persons Responsible For Maintenance Tasks:

Not every maintenance task can be performed by all members of staff. Some members of staff may be more qualified than others to perform specific tasks. Therefore, before starting maintenance, should appoint a person who may or must perform this task, whether internal staff or third-party service company. Also, should determine the composition of the equipment, the necessary training and safety procedures.

Put Safety First:

Electricity is everywhere in the data center, and many other hazards to life and health of persons. Ensure familiarization of the data center staff with safety when performing maintenance tasks.

Setting The Standards Of Cleanliness:

Sure, it may seem that the data center works pretty well, even if the trash is lying between the corridors, but there may be an invisible problem. In addition to creating the atmosphere, the lack of cleanliness can obstruct air flow, creating hot spots and danger. Sterile cleanliness may not be required in the data center, but the pile of furniture in the data center is strictly prohibited.

Do not be afraid to entrust the maintenance of third-party organizations. Although it is already indirectly mentioned above, one should not expect that all maintenance tasks can be performed by internal staff. You can save a little money, to entrust the work to a credible employee instead of using a third party, but the long-term costs associated with this approach can, in some cases, exceed the short-term costs to attract a third party to perform the task.

Check the specifications. While this is not always the case, the manufacturer often quite knows how to handle the equipment and how to service it. However, regardless of this, warranty may become void if you fail to comply with the manufacturer maintenance procedures and operations. So, check with the manufacturer’s recommendations and incorporate them into your maintenance plan.

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