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The Larger The Data Store, The More Important The Choice Of Location

The data sets are growing and becoming more and more difficult to move easily between networks around the world every day, with an inertia that inhibits the transfer performance data. For this reason, a data store in growth needs a choice of location which is the most possible intelligent. Firstly the place of storage data requires connections resistant to exchange points considerable, so that the data can readily flow from our phones and devices in the data store as raw material and then come back as the output of applications that process them. But how can the providers of these applications, which use the raw material to produce output, ensure that their price offers are aligned with the performance requirements demanded by end users?

Our huge need for speed continued to push companies over the development of caching network structures, the so-called content delivery network designed to offer the most popular content daily in a time frame acceptable to the user base.

This use of massive networks that control Internet traffic is the true essence of the next level of optimization of the layer formed by the data centers infrastructure. The centers of data storage and processing are fitted with cache content ready to serve them and take their place primary being located as close as possible to the sources of power; such an industrial approach to site selection guide along with the need for Big Data and Smart Energy. Good positioning reduces the requirements for expensive transmission projects on the network and allows you to add renewable resources directly from the construction of the data center.  A good location allows owners of data centers to select not only the lowest cost solutions but also sustainable solutions that meet the expectations of users. The location becomes the differentiation in a world in which servers, networks and platforms are approached and now integrated into a market commodity.

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