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Paid Or Free Blogs For Better Ranking?

You are planning to have your own blog but cant decide whether to host your blog on blogspot[ free blogs ] or under your paid hosting account.

You will get mixed reviews in this regards but as far as SEO is concerned. Hosting blogs on free bloggers site such as Blogspot, WordPress or Blogger or etc… are more attracted by search engines as compare to blog hosted on paid hosting account. I am not sure if its totally true but many webmaster have this believe. There are many pro’s and con’s for hosting your blog on free blog hosting service provider.

If you have blog hosted on paid dedicated hosting for wordpress account then you have more freedom ( more flexibility, more control, can install other technical stuffs etc…) as compare to blog hosted on free blogging sites. Search engine optimizing on free blogging sites if painful as you do not have FTP access, but there are great chances that Google bots will visit your blog more frequently as they constantly crawl such blogging sites.

Thus having a paid hosting account and hosting your blog over it would be of great help to get your blog better ranking and you have more freedom for your blog.

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