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Microsoft Exchange Server Email Hosting

Microsoft Exchange Server is a server application emails owned by Microsoft Corp. and can be installed only on family platforms like Windows Server.

The Microsoft Exchange Server Email Hosting can be accessed by multiple clients, as every family Unix-like, Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/2000 Professional/XP/Vista/7 and currently also work on the platform like Mac OS X from Apple Inc., Mac OS X v10.6 – Snow Leopard, is currently the 2010 version released on November 9, 2009.

Exchange Server 2013

The latest version of Microsoft Exchange Server, is the 2013 version. Leaning on pillars such as security and flexibility, has become an important tool in the corporate world. With increasingly more users seeking a solution that is flexible and is where users need when they need it became necessary to use solutions such as Microsoft Exchange Server.

Some points are worth mentioning in the new version of Microsoft Exchange Server, for example:

  • Simplified approach to high availability and disaster recovery;
  • New self-service capabilities to help users perform common tasks without calling for service;
  • Users can receive their voice messages in the inbox with text display;
  • Actively helps protect your communications through built-in defenses against viruses and junk e-mail with support for a variety of third-party security products.

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