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Optimize Windows VPS Server

By following the tips given below you can Optimize your Windows VPS Hosting running on Virtuozzo:-

1) First of all You must disable Indexing Service. If you are not using FrontPage search bot then you don’t need indexing service running and you must disable it.
2) You should regularly Defrag your VPS drives.
3) Avoid to run antivirus on your VPS.
4) Disable spamassassin checks if you don’t require it in your VPS.
5) Enable Windows Firewall and secure your VPS.
6) Always remember to close your terminal Services sessions and logout, never disconnect directly.
7) Don’t forget that you can manage your VPS through the Virtuozzo Power Panels,.This Virtuozzo power panel includes many features like stop, start, reboot, backup, restore and even mount the filesystem without turning on the VPS.

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