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Mobile Data Center: Shifting Business Strategy

The data center market is boiling. The projects in this area live a moment of expansion, both in corporate and commercial sector to meet the demands of IT, which increased with the growing economy, and also to prepare the ground for cloud. With these requirements, companies are beginning to look  at a new alternative for the construction of data centers. Sites are boxed in container, which follow the business where they are in parking facilities, in the sea, dams or in the mountains.

Called Container Data Center (CDC), these new types of data centers are not intended to replace the traditional masonry buildings. They are more to meet specific business needs.

These projects have their targeted audience who need to rapidly expand infrastructure, public companies, oil drilling, civil construction, and mining companies that hold temporary events such as those promoting concerts and sports competitions, among other businesses .

The main advantage of this model, according to the evaluation of consultants in the industry, is the possibility of rapid assembly and disassembly of data centers, since they are mobile and can be transported by truck to anywhere.

Advantages of the data center container

One of the advantages of the CDC is the speed of installation. A data center container can be installed within 60 days. And more importantly, this type of solution reduces energy consumption by over 40% and meets all safety requirements. The CDC are modular and can grow with the needs of customers, adding new boxes, as pieces of lego game, to provide non-stop IT.

The mobile data center can be transported and installed up on the mountain.  Even with these advantages, I believe that the CDC will not replace the data centers of bricks, because this solution is an alternative for situations in which companies cannot put the infrastructure in conventional buildings.

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