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Managing VMs of heterogeneous hypervisors using eMagic

Heterogeneity of Hypervisors and its management gets tedious with the dedicated management tools for individual Hypervisors. eMagic is a complete data center management platform that supports various Hypervisors like HyperV, Virtuozzo , eNlight & VMware. It becomes easier to manage VMs of these hypervisors from one dashboard. Catch below how it gets easier managing VMs of heterogeneous hypervisors using eMagic.

We can manage and monitor VMs from three different facets of eMagic,

1) Cloud Tree

here is step wise images to provide you with detailed information

—Step 1.1—

Sign in > Deploy > Virtual > Cluster Deploy > Cloud tree window appears

Right side corner of the image marked in red shows types of Hypervisors supported by eMagic for the user. Here user can perform various operations for deployment of Clusters and VMs.

eMagic Cloud Tree

—Step 1.2—

After choosing specific Hypervisor we get details of Cluster VMs, Nodes and Storage, by clicking on each we can get to the refreshed window where we can get its details and perform operations on it. Find below images for the Hypervisor VM operations. Highlighted in red shows operations that can be performed on VMs like enable, suspend, disable, edit, etc.

By expanding the left options of Hypervisor in Cloud tree as mentioned in first line, we can view similar details like Hypervisors. This all contains options for VM operations and has all required details like Name, IP, Status, Port, etc.

eMagic Hypervisors VMs

2) VM Dashboard

We can deploy, configure, edit and can carry all other actions using VM Dashboard as shown in image below. We can find here all details related to Devices, Networks, Monitoring, Error notifications, VM operations, alerts etc. This dashboard enables detailed actions on different Hypervisor VMs.

eMagic VM Dashboard

3) Cluster Report

Cluster report gives the miscellaneous details about the Hypervisor Clusters like Name, Status, Storage, etc. Image below shows the Cluster Report.

eMagic Cluster Report

To know more about the eMagic features and operations, contact our ESDS 24×7 Exuberant Support team.

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