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Local Area Network and Types of Servers

local-network-types-of-serversMost often, the name server includes the name of it’s main functions:

• File server, print server, mail server, news server; Web-server;
• Database server;
• Fax-server, etc.

Servers can also be classified according to the signs indicating the nature of it’s use:

• Dedicated server;
• Listen server.

Dedicated server on the LAN are intended solely to provide their resources in common use, and not to work directly on it, so it can properly function without a monitor and keyboard. It usually has a high capacity and reliability of equipment and software used.

The operating system is a dedicated server which is most often used:

• Microsoft Windows 2003 Server;
• Microsoft Windows 2008 Server;
• Microsoft Windows 2003 R2 Server;
• Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Server;
• Linux, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris and other varieties of Unix;

Unselected server combines the functions of server and workstation. In other words, it’s a workstation, some of the resources which are dedicated to sharing access to the network. On the workstation (no dedicated server) operating system may be, for example:

• Microsoft Windows 98/ME;
• Microsoft Windows XP Professional;
• Microsoft Windows 2000 Workstation.

• Linux.

In ad-hoc local networks, computers are together in working groups (Workgroups), where they function as a workstation or a listen server, providing a portion of their resources for use by its working group. Peer networks are easier to administer, but do not provide a high degree of data protection.

Local network with a dedicated server, in contrast, have increased reliability and security of information stored on the server.

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