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FTP-Server On The LAN


FTP stands for “Communication Protocol” (File Transfer Protocol). A protocol is a language through which computers talk to each other. The FTP protocol allows you to freely transfer files and folders over a LAN or the Internet. In some cases, to gain access to files stored on your computer you may need permission to a computer network administrator. However, quite often with the help of the FTP protocol, it cannot enter some of the networks or servers that do not register for an account and not as the official owner of the password. On these servers, FTP “anonymous access” may contain a variety of information to which access is open with FTP protocol. Internet address (URL) for the FTP server are slightly different from that of the URL, which are used for regular Web pages. For example, the address of the FTP server LAN user-NO, where you can download the files, looks like for LAN users, and for incoming from the Internet . The level of access to files and folders stored on servers, FTP, depends on whether the user gets access to those servers, as well as on the level of user access on the server FTP.

Access may be limited to viewing or downloading files. In this case, the user cannot rename, transfer to the server or delete files or folders, as with direct access.

Direct access to FTP-sites allow users to work with data stored on the FTP server files and folders as well as with files and folders on your computer. Files and folders can be browsed, downloaded, transmitted to the server, renamed and deleted. If you perform these operations on the FTP server, it is required to obtain permission, you will be asked your user name and password.

What is the FTP-Server?

FTP-server is a kind of library of files. To transfer files between FTP-servers and the user’s computer the FTP protocol is used (File Transfer Protocol).

You can pump out the files on your computer, posted on many FTP-servers. In the web there are thousands of FTP-servers that provide free anonymous access to a wide range of gigabytes of information: text documents, software distribution, photos and music. By FTP-protocol can upload their homepages for free servers, providing a space. It is much easier than to use HTTP, when you specify the files that need to be pumped at special page on the dedicated server.

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