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FAQs about Microsoft Hyper-V


Hyper- V is the product of Microsoft which was formerly known as Windows Server Virtualization. This is a hypervisor based Virtualization. Hyper-V Hosting in Windows Server being a Microsoft product has been adopted very easily with many features and advantages of virtualization. Hyper-V has since been released in a free stand-alone version, and has been upgraded to Release 2 (R2) status.

There are many frequently asked questions, which are as follows:

Q: Up to how many nodes on a cluster does Live Migration support?

A: Live Migration is supported on up to 16 node failover clusters.

Q: What is the maximum number of supported VMs per node?

A: VMs from the failed host are brought online on different nodes of the cluster. The maximum number of supported VM per node depends upon, for production deployment, up to 32 VMs per node for server workloads and up to 64 VMs per node for VDI workloads are supported. Customers must plan for adequate capacity when a failover occurs.

Q: Will Live Migration work on with a cluster of mixed AMD and Intel host nodes?

A: For Live Migration or Quick Migration to work, all cluster nodes must have processors from the same processor vendor, for example Intel or AMD.

Q: Assuming host nodes have a virtualization capable processor from the same manufacturer, can I migrate a VM from a host using an older processor to a host with a newer processor?

A: There are some basics which needs to be followed like, it is highly recommended to use identical processors on all nodes of a cluster using Quick or Live Migration.

For migrating a VM from a host need some functionality. A new functionality introduced in RC is the “Processor Compatibility Mode” option. This functionality can be enabled for VMs to allow both Live Migration and Quick Migration from newer to older processors from the same manufacturer.

The setting is under VM settings > Processor > “Migrate to a physical computer with a different processor version”.

You can live migrate or quick migrate a running VM from an older processor to new processor and back without the “Processor Compatibility Mode” option as long as the VM is running all the time.

Q: Are there any new tools included with Windows Server R2 Server Core to help manage the Hyper-V?

A:New versions of any software or advanced levels so come up with difference and added features, similarly, a new server configuration script is available in the Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V RC. Type sconfig at the command line to start the server configuration utility.

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