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Cloud Computing to Improve Business Performance?

There are many ways to generate improvements in business performance. The main point is to reduce costs. Depending on the solutions used, some companies operating in the market for hardware and software in the cloud say the economy may be ten times better.

The first aspect to consider in this economy is electricity. You do not have to pay for the power of the servers 24 hours a day. You pay monthly for a service that is basically the operation of hardware and software.

The second issue may be in need of trained professionals to use the software. The programs in the cloud computing services, usually have a very large degree of standardization. Therefore, for users with some familiarity with personal computers, there is no need of training in most cases. It also generates savings.

A third argument is that, by choosing the cloud hosting, there will be some equipment costs, which were designed to operate outside the cloud, and operating systems. On the other hand, “Customers do not buy an asset. Only one service. ”

The fourth factor is controversial. The companies say that their customers can spend less on security, but the claim is relative. The argument is that those who hire the service do not need to spend money on antivirus, backup and other methods of prevention. However, the potential loss of these buyers remains high, as some data may be stolen or sold. That is, the customer who choose a cloud,  does not necessarily mean that he is not going to worry about security.

You especially are saying: The future is in the clouds or not?

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