cloud-expensesTracking expenses with an online system from your smartphone can be handy and convenient, but requires discipline.

Bill of costs – Expenses in the clouds

The fashion now is to put data in the cloud. Do not be alarmed! This is not about increasing your expenses, but control them with online applications. The popularization of the Internet is changing the axis of technology for applications hosted on online servers, called cloud computing systems. The concept of cloud computing is more complex than simply putting applications on the internet, but what matters here is the option to have a worksheet always available.

The online systems are seeking integration between the access devices. So if you have an online spreadsheet, you can update your data from your computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone. What matters in a spreadsheet spending is achieving the expenditure releases as they happen. When we leave for later, we forget or finding that the expenditure was irrelevant and broke the purpose of control.

Typically, applications for smartphones are identical to those used in computers. After all, a smartphone is a computer in every way. The only difference is the display, which is adapted to the size and shape of the screen. The amount of data displayed on the screen is reduced to enhance visualization. Otherwise, the system is the same and the database too. Online systems have functions that recognize the type of equipment you are accessing on the internet. So if you access the computer displays a conventional, larger screen with more information. Is accessed by smartphone, appears adequate equipment interface.

Spreadsheets are convenient and practical. However, for purposes of efficiency, does not make much difference to use a spreadsheet high-tech smartphone or tablet or simply write everything down in a notebook. If you are not firm in their purpose of cutting spending and record everything efficiently, no technology will help you in your financial organization. The most you will get is spend a little more with the payment of the costs of technology.

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