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While Changing The Hosting Services

Sometimes the chosen hosting for our personal or corporate website does not meet our needs. Often the accommodation where we have placed our website does not work with the speed we want, does not have the capacity or simply outdated and have the urgent need to change hosting.

However, making a change like this is a real headache for many, especially for less experienced and therefore to follow certain steps to change hosting as smoothly as possible. And one of the key steps is to store all files in the current server to a hard disk, thus you make sure that all information on the web is going to be perfect.

It is essential to backup files on your hard drive of your database, or what is the same thing a backup of the original data in order to have them in case of loss. Once safeguarded, transfer the content to the new server and import the backup of your database to the new service provider of hosting. And do not forget to create new email accounts with your new settings.

When hosting change, a necessary step is to change the name server records where we have registered the domain. And patience, this change requires up to 48 hours. When done, check the site, browse, and see if everything is truly operational. Never forget, delete both database and files from your previous provider.

And if all this seems a mountain, nothing better to put in the hands of professionals for you to carry out a change of hosting, fast and hassle free in the shortest time possible without any loss of information.

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