There has been a tremendous shift in the web hosting industry when cloud computing came into existence. A web server is the base for hosting environment which can be said as the basic requirements. When a cloud computing is compared with a typical web server then there are many major differences. Considering the fact that Cloud Computing Hosting is the new technology which has been introduced in a short while and the web server being the base of the technology there are numerous differences which can be jotted down.

One of the basic difference consists of that Web Server Hosting is the service which has been provided and Cloud Computing is the technology which is in existence. Web Server basically consists of space which has been leased or purchased by the owner, whereas with cloud computing, you’re using applications (like email, word processing, spreadsheet, photo editing) that are located on a remote server somewhere, but using them as if they were programs on your computer. Google Apps (Google Documents, etc.) would be a good example of that. The program lives on a remote server, but you’re using it on your computer inside a web browser, and usually saving your files to the remote server so they can be accessed from any computer you use.

There are many different types of web servers like Dedicated web server, Shared web servers,Reseller web servers etc. which can be rented or purchased by the clients as per their needs. The key difference is that when you do web hosting, the provider runs the server hardware and the server application for you. All you need to supply is the data, and CGI scripts. But with cloud hosting, you are in charge of the server operating system and the server software as well.

Cloud Computing has been in demand since it came into the existence with the popularity for simplified storage structure. It is simply the provision of technology-based resources (processor power, storage, networking) on demand, just like the power company provides you with electricity to the plugs in your house. True cloud computing is when a data center operator supplies you with virtual computing resources that you can grow and shrink (or move) as needed through some kind of control panel. You have nearly full control of the software on your virtual servers including the OS but you don’t need to worry about any hardware issues. Web hosting includes the hosting of website on server. hosting has so many sub types. If u have a website and you want to host it on a server then u can go for a shared server(in which multiple websites are hosted), virtual private server(it is private server but virtually), or dedicated server(the whole server is used for u only) and recently new technology has emerged in hosting service,that is Cloud computing. It is similar to grid computing. in grid computing so many similar systems are grouped together to process something. While cloud computing is a heterogeneous network of computer devices. and u can connect/disconnect any system from this network. as u connect a system to the network the process starts utilizing the power of the newly added system. so it is very powerful.

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