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What Software is Used to Build a Cloud Computing Environment?

What-Software-is-Used-to-Build-a-Cloud-Computing-EnvironmentCloud computing is not a solution that all web hosting or data center service providers could provide. Some simply do not have the size to be able to offer these solutions because of the fact that they have their own data centers and thus have higher costs than to other companies. For those who are thinking of creating a cloud computing service, such platforms are used.

Cloud Ubuntu: Ubuntu is the solution designed to create a cluster of machines based on Ubuntu Server, which can be used in a public or private cloud hosting services.

eNlight Cloud Hosting in India: One of the latest solutions launched by ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. Functions substantially as the virtualization platform and integrates with the billing system for managing the entire infrastructure.

VMware and XenServer: Two known suppliers who can provide the technology needed to launch a cloud computing solution, cost is often quite high. These solutions still require the development of solutions for billing and service activation.

Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V:
Microsoft does not offer a real platform exclusively dedicated to the creation of the cloud for hosting providers. The product is intended for this purpose, especially for private clouds.

What are the other solutions that you know?


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